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What steps do you take before publishing a blog post?
  • A good blog is defined by its content. How many of us double check the post to avoid grammatical or spelling mistakes before posting? What are the steps you take? Do let the community know.
  • checking for the validity of the post and checking for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Spell Check, Grammar check, Read the post at least twice, alignment, fonts, check the preview
  • I just do a preview when I am not sure. Mostly when there are photos involved, you need to do a little check about how this all is looking. Sometimes i change the background to suit the post.
  • well I rarely double check before publishing , at times I read it again while typing itself and correct the mistakes and at times read the post after publishing and then correct the mistakes I find
  • I think it is extremely important to read your blog post at least 5-6 times before publishing it. My most recent blog post had been edited by an editor friend of mine. A second opinion always helps.
  • Spell check spell check and check if i really want to post it !
  • - spell and grammar check
    - if content is interesting to read
    - any images that i can add which are relevant to content
    - select good font and colour
    Last, but not least, i will read my post 2 to 3 times to ensure that it is interesting and not lengthy or boring
  • I -

    1) Read again.
    2) Edit- removing irrelevant sentence or words. Spell and grammar check.
    3) Font size.
    4) Read again (Some times)

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