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Have you ever thought of making blogging as a career?
  • @bloggerrajesh That was an in depth description and has kinda made my decision for me. I don't think i'll be taking up blogging professionally. Maybe as a side income but never as a primary income. i ws mainly worried about finances and seems like this is a good decision to make. Also how does one get blog revenue? ads? but on wordpress, how does it work?
  • @kofykat If you are on wordpress.com, there are two options.

    1. If you blog about a certain topic (and yours is a niche blog) and have a decent traffic, you can opt in for Federated Media advertising. Wordpress has a partnership with them and you need to apply for the same. How to do it, you need to check with WP.

    2. You can buy a domain forwarding upgrade from wordpress.com, buy a domain name (.com, .org, etc), buy some hosting space and export your wordpress.com blog to a shared/hosted server. This process is slightly tricky, but a newbie can do it within half a day, if they follow the tutorials on the web (there are so many of them). This option costs around $100 per year, with a good web-host.

    I used the second option for my blog - http://www.destinationinfinity.org and I was able to even retain the Page Rank. It was destinationinfinity.wordpress.com earlier.

    Then, you need to apply for Google Adsense for contextual cost-per-click advertising or you can negotiate direct banner ads (if you have good amount of traffic).

    It's easier if you have your blog in Blogger. You can directly apply for Google Adsense or any other ad network. But I feel that Blogger has few customization options, and self-hosted Wordpress should be the choice for any blogger wanting to make a decent amount of revenue with their blogs on the long run. Have a look at this site - http://www.excitingip.net .Can you believe that it is a blog that uses Wordpress software? With Wordpress, customization and expansion (using plugins) are endless.
  • @bloggerrajesh thanks a lot. I really appreciate the help.... I had a blog in blogger then shifted it to wordpress :-P D you have a facebook or a twitter where I could connect with you?
  • @kofykat My facebook ID is Destination Infinity (It's not a page, you need to send a friend request). If you're not able to reach it, just use the contact form in my blog - http://www.destinationinfinity.org
  • I blog for fun....and though i never say never....i dont look it up as a primary career, but yes blogging has helped me find a second career as a content writer...
  • Never though of one, although i must not deny that I was tempted more than once. But for me the freedom of expression comes when there is no obligations. I do post like professional bloggers but have never taken the pressure of making it a day job. And more or less I hate spoiling the feel of the blog by adding some capitalist agenda links.
  • Blog post is for the anonymous blog reader loooking for some exact information...yes it is lucrative career for a good blog with enough interesting posts to keep users in and out more frequently.
  • just like @ramblinginthecity said,
    i would love to earn revenue from my blog, but i simply don't know how! I'm having a problem with my adsense account :( though i've spent hours trying to fix the issue,it doesn't activate due to some error.
    I'm from Chennai
  • @gurlnextdoor23: @bloggerrajesh might be able to help you out with this. :)
  • @bloggerrajesh
    Hi! I blog at http://dreamers-chronicles.blogspot.in/
    I want to make blogging as a career. Can you give me some tips?

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