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Have you ever thought of making blogging as a career?
  • @gurlnextdoor23

    As you say in your site, you write about a 'gamut of topics'. But professional blogs are generally focused on one topic (there could be many sub-topics related to that one topic though). It's called a niche blog and building a niche blog is the first step to monetization/making blogging as a career.

    It takes some effort to transition from being a personal blogger to a professional blogger, but it can be done. Deciding on the topic on which you want your blog to be focused on, is perhaps the most important decision you need to make now. Think about a subject/topic that you are passionate about, can write a lot of posts on, and which readers would find useful/helpful.

    For now, try to pick up a subject that is relevant to the global audience (and not just Indians), if you are focused on advertising revenue. But be warned that advertising revenue is not going to be sufficient at least for the first few years (I am finding it out the hard way!).

    Don't be focused only on Google Adsense. During the initial phase of your blogging, your advertising revenue will be negligible anyway. Try to build readership, traffic by writing quality posts. Once your blog becomes sizable, there are multiple ways of making money through it, in addition to ads.

    You need to understand the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google the term and learn how to get a good amount of organic traffic from the search engines. This is very critical, as search engines can provide you with a lot of traffic if you choose the right topics, consider the right word density and a host of other factors.

    Since this is a long topic, I would stop here. Let me know if you want any specific information.
  • Thank you @bloggerrajesh! This makes me want to start a new blog - focusing on a single topic.I'm not sure of the topic though. Anyway, will get in touch with more doubts soon!
  • @bloggerrajesh
    Your comment is very insightful. True Google adsense generates meagre amounts especially with the traffic not being high. With page layout algorithm on the prowl, it is also contented if the ad can be placed above the fold where everyone can see.

    While some sponsors are interested in the content, they back off when they know the traffic statistics. Besides the blog traffic, FB fan count, twitter follower counts are also being looked as measures to evaluate the popularity of a blog.

    In your opinion, what is a good unique visitor count in a day for a sponsor to be interested ? It is subjective, but what is an average figure in your experience ?

    Besides advertising revenue, the blog can also be used to generate sales reveune if the niche is about specific products or services.

    And SEO is really an interesting topic to learn and apply on blogs, and one might have to open a new discussion on it altogether.
  • @Woodooz The placement of the ad need not be above the fold for CPC based ad units, to perform well. But for CPM based ads, it needs to be above the fold.

    For CPC based ads, I would go with Google Adsense, as they perform quite well. I think, one needs to look at CPM ($ per 1000 impressions) based ad-units if they have 1000+ unique visitors, a day. But if a certain niche is rare/unique, advertisers might be interested if the blog has lesser traffic than that. Always have a contact form and advertising page in your blog.

    Ad networks like buysellads.com which enable bloggers to find out advertisers for CPM ads require 100,000 hits per month (as a minimum) to even sign up. I think it's better to sign up with some good ad network like this, once the site gets to that minimum traffic level.

    But still, I don't think the revenue is good enough with CPM ads even if one is able to get sponsors. In the media industry, advertising as a revenue model works only for large numbers of traffic. Thanks to Adsense, bloggers can earn some money even if their traffic is less. But it's difficult to live with that revenue, especially when all your colleagues/friends are flaunting their first car, etc.

    The cost per click revenue in Adsense can be quite good if a blogger is able to select certain rare/high-value niches. But as you can expect, there is a lot of competition for every domain these days.

    In my opinion, a blog is like a marketing platform. A marketing platform in itself cannot become a business (unless its a large media house that can employ many people and produce a lot of content/traffic). But even they need to invest sufficient amount of funds/time/efforts before they start seeing any profitable results.

    After blogging for a point of time (few years), one gets a good amount of expertise in their domain. There is a good chance that they get recognized as domain experts. So, they can look at making money through consulting, guiding others (coaching), giving seminars/speaking at events, recommending products, selling a product on their blog, writing sponsored posts, conducting events, etc.

    Knowingly or unknowingly, I have already taken this risk and I am at a situation where I need to do anything and everything possible to make my venture work. People can wait for a few years to know if my venture was successful or not. In the meantime, you guys need to take your own decisions and be responsible for your actions. This is not to discourage anyone, but I am just being frank here.

    Remember: Nothing is impossible. It's individual efforts that lead to the failure or success of any venture.
  • @bloggerrajesh Blog is a marketing platform. It brings to light that blogging by itself cannot be a platform for generating revenue. At some point in time, the thought of going full time has crossed my mind. But the situation and the readiness needs to be weighed before that jump can be made.

    It is indeed nice and inspiring that you have taken that plunge. I wish you all the best in your attempt.
  • Blogging is a hobby.
    You have to be financially independent to devote time and efforts to blogging.
    Even if you monetize your blog, I don't think you can make enough money from blogging to sustain your needs and to provide for your family.
    In fact, I don't make any money from blogging.
    Yes, after retirement blogging can be a full time non-paying career.
  • I have no interest in making blogging as a career.
    Firstly because I write to express myself, and whatever I write comes from my heart.
    If I make blogging as a career then there would be many restrictions like I have to write what others would like to read, and I have to make a post daily.
    I don't like such restrictions. I always tend to lose interest in things which have rules.

    I want to write whenever I want and whatever I want, and that too not to impress someone. So Blogging as a career is something which is totally not for me.
  • I have not thought about it if i feel i have started my blog with very confidence then i will think to make my career as a blogger.

  • Some really useful information by @bloggerrajesh and @woodooz. :)

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