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Have you ever thought of making blogging as a career?
  • No, blogging is a hobby for me and I would like to keep it that way.
  • interesting observation... as far as income goes there is a wide gap between top few and the rest.. I think blogging world has its own star system... pls not I am not complaining merely stating what i have observed...
  • @bloggerrajesh thanks so much for your tips. it's good that u r sharing the information, form your writing experiences. me-unbound.blogspot.com my blog
  • I would love to have it as my only career. Writing is what keeps me going and so if at all I can convert it into something forever, I would love it a lot.
  • I am blogging for almost 2 years now and already made my mind to make it as career,
    I am in graduate college and waiting for my last year to end, already started building plans and strategy and revenue streams and designs, creating goals.
    now I am busy with the college work and can't give much time to blogging, and that's my biggest fear to left behind others in this fast internet world where things changes every second.
  • i prefer to have it as 2nd. source of income, am a new blogger, still learning but things are not so successful yet.
  • @angancha
    from last two years, what I learn is that blogging takes time like any other legit money making option and also you have to be consistent in what you do.

    If you are doing this right then you can definitely get success. there are many other factors which can boost your success rate which are good Seo, blog design, marketing and writing skills, but I think consistency is core of it.
  • I would love to have a career as a blogger. But over the years i see that there are lot of people in this market. Some of whom have taken early leads, are really leading from the front. While other are still trying to take blogging as a freelancing career. I Would love if Team Adda can help us and groom us to achieve our dreams of. How about blogadda program for grooming us?
  • @anaik100
    that could be a very nice initiative by blogadda.

    there are many bloggers who started in the 2012 or in 11 and doing quite good, the thing is that you must understand the blogging field well and know what it really want.

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