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Pressure of posting?
  • Do you feel pressurised to post? Does that affect quality?
  • @Gyanban Interesting question. Friends, do you feel the pressure to blog regularly? Have you compromised on the quality of the post in the process?
  • @Woodooz, you have raised an interesting concern, that one of the post that has no purpose can bring down the interest levels!

    Hey, we tried to visit your blog, but it seems to go somewhere else. Kindly check and sort the problem, if any.
  • Oops, try now, I think I had misspelt the URL... It is http://woodooz.blogspot.com I just corrected the mistake in my earlier comment
  • Yes @Woodooz, it works now! Another point we would like to add in this discussion is that one needs to be regular. You can plan that well. Like one blogpost in 2 days if you are active, or one in a week if that suits you. When you decide that, stick to it. The readers would know when to expect a new post from you. If for some reasons, you cannot post, it is a good idea to inform readers when can they expect another post. :)
  • Here's a trick - have two blogs. One where yopost your best posts, a niche blog perhaps.Typically,this takes time,effort, mindset etc. So the frequency can be compromised. While on the other, a regular post blog, dont worry about making it a literary genius article, or a earth shattering piece,( i mean if it turns out like that,then so be it) but the idea is not to fret about what you are posting.

    Its more like a jot on a post it.A collage of thoughts.Its okay to let readers know that you are piecing together a piece - in fact it may make your blog more interactive.

    My blog - gyanban.com is a serious niche blog focussed only on fiction short stories and poetry, so it takes time,effort and mental preparation to post here, hence the frequency is not that great.But on a personal judgement, I feel the quality that is churned out is generally above average.

    The other blog -jasaala.wordpress.com - was started to keep my writing flow going anc capturing thoughts about everyday incidents.This is my regular blog where ,though it requires some time to think, but it is not tasking, as the spectrum of choice available to write is huge - so I can almost write about anything.Which means, there is no pressure.

    People often ask me, 'oh so you blog where do you find the time?' - and my reply is - I dont think it takes too much time to write what youre already thinking'.

  • @Woodooz Good. Your readers will be happy. :)

    @Gyanban Might make sense to some and not to few. One might question that instead of spending time, whatever little, in posting unorganised thoughts/posts, one may choose to invest that time in the other blog that you mention to have detailed useful posts. But again, as you rightly said that it does not take too much time to pen down what is going in your mind. :)

    Note: To make sure that the URL you mention in your post gets linked automatically, type with http://URL.
  • I started not so long back. So, I don't think I'm eligible to comment on it. However, I have made a cautious effort from start to not rush into posting. I take time. I generally start working on next post a day after posting a new post. I don't want to compromise on quality. So far I haven't felt the pressure.

    I hope I don't in future :)
  • Well, yes. There is a little pressure about posting regularly. But blogging is not just about sitting in front of the system and forcefully writing just for the sake of it. Blogging to me is a journey..it may last 5 mins or it may take days. Each post deserves my full attention, mind and soul into it. I sometimes write almost every other day, while sometimes it stretches to a month. That's when I feel that its been long..but that doesnt mean I'll just write whatever. If m not in the mood, I wont be able to create the magic for myself, that happens when I usually write. SO, a little pressure is there, but I dont let it get on my head. But also, I make sure that I don't take it for granted!

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