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Should Organ Selling Be Legalized?
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    Should Organ Selling Be Legalized?

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    It is World Organ Donation Day today, we're here with our first question:

    Should Organ Selling Be Legalized?

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  • It should not be organ selling but organ donation.
  • FOR:

    Yes I am of the opinion that 'Organ Selling' should be 'Legalized' for the following reasons:

    1. There is a very very small percentage of people who really donate for a good cause, otherwise in the name of organ 'donation' what really happens under the table is illegal organ 'selling'. On papers it is shown as a 'donation' but in actual the donor is either paid in cash or kind. It is a big slap on the face of our legal system.

    2. People kidnap, kill and patients are often hacked to death, to be able to do an organ 'harvest', thus giving rise to organ 'scams'. A legal system will remove the need for people to acquire organs through such scams.

    3. Having a legal system will protect the rights & interests of both the donor and the beneficiary because now they won't have to do it illegaly.
  • FOR:

    Organ selling should be legalized. At least this way a lot of people who get exploited by touts will get their due. Illegal organ selling would be checked. Perhaps more lives will be saved when there would be a legal channel.

    No, I do not think organ selling should be allowed. Crime is at high rate. The most common reason behind human trafficking is organ transplant. People poor are already lending their wombs because of money rather than for ethical reasons. There are many ways, organ cloning, preventive health measures, wide-level orientation so that the demand may reduce and could be meet keeping in balance with organ available through donation.

    If organ selling is legalized the organs will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Healthcare shouldn't be the privilege of the moneyed only. There should be awareness and donation of organs voluntarily. But this will take very long time. There is no quick solution to this issue.

    The term "Organ selling" is preposterous. It implies the economics of supply and demand. And we as a society look upon rules as something where we seek loopholes, and break rules. The vigilance is politically motivated. Definitions of "family" often vary as per convenience, and I shudder to think how rules regarding "organ selling" might be misused.

    Where we are unable to have a medical council that certifies things fit based on medical expertise (and not bribe amount), can you guarantee the integrity of a medical professional who might make a business of certifying things in this regard ?

    Organ selling is already happening illegally. And like all other things, this will continue outside the framed rules. Where there is a price for every thing.

    Until we become a society that respects rules , abides by them, and severely punishes those that break them, lets not venture into this "Organ selling"

    Organ donation, at death, by the kith and kin of the departed , is something one would agree with.
  • Against

    Organ Selling will lead to more crimes being legalized. Better to implement Organ Donation.
  • FOR

    I think organ selling must be legalized. A long time back almost 7-8 years back I remember my friend's father needed a kidney his both kidneys failed. They could not fin a donor. So, to save his father he had to buy a kidney and it was very tough task for them but eventually they found a person who sold them his kidney.

    The person who sold his kidney told that his son met with an accident and to bear his operation and hospital expenses he is selling his kidney.
    So, selling an organ saved two lives.

    If organ selling is made legal I think the person who is selling the organ should only be authorized to sell with a genuine reason.
    Organ selling is not like mobile selling or bike selling.An organ is a part of our life.Organ should not be treated as a commodity.
    God gave us life.Did he give us life for money or something in return?
    Health or life cannot be bought with money.
    Creating a legalised organ selling system will not abolish the black market for it ,it will flourish it.
    If organs are sold today ,then rapes will be compensated with money.
    You cannot make a child to work even if you pay him money because child labour is illegal in India ,the same thought can be applied against organ selling concept.If you can sell your love for a particular person then you cannot sell a organ.
    This topic of debate should be changed .The thought "organ selling" should not come in anyone's mind.
  • FOR

    Well to answer this question, all I had to do was dig in my heart and ask the question that *God Forbid* if something ever has to happen to someone I know and they need a transplant, what would I do? Pray to god, turn world upside down to make that transplant possible. Wait for the donor or pay black-market price.

    Don't we all read stories like, where an illiterate was taken to the hospital in the name of something and then he realized his kidney was missing. How many times we open a news paper and read about the doctors who are involved in this " illegal organ trafficking", as most of us pointed out, it is thriving the black market.

    It is simple, demand is there, crime is there, black market is there. If we want to reduce the crime, slash down the black market and help, truly help those who need it desperately at not "Life selling price" then we need to think unconventionally but at the same time Organ donation should be promoted as well. But not everyone is in for charity these days.. (Don't shoot me, I support charity and my blog speaks so) but I am stating the truth.

    Hence, it should be legalized with proper guidelines and promotion of Organ donation.
    There should be a balance.

    Quoting from a news paper -- A global perspective shows how big the problem is. "Millions of people suffer from kidney disease, but in 2007 there were just 64,606 kidney-transplant operations in the entire world," according to George Mason University professor and Independent Institute research director Alexander Tabarrok, writing in the Wall Street Journal.

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