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Overlook the obvious, be innovative
  • Hi there! I'm new here, I joined just yesterday itself. I look forward to good interactions. :)

    As the title apprehends, we often overlook the obvious. What I mean here is, we often overlook the beauty of life and go about doing something that is obvious and usual. Unlike earlier times, we no more emphasize on nature's beauties, spending time with family has become a task in itself (due to busy lives). No more do we have the time to go on big holidays and totally forget about our hectic schedules. Why is that?

    Simply because we've made our lives a little more complicated than it actually is. When it comes to India, we live in a country where there are problems, yes but which country doesn't has problems? Moreover, why should we not live our life to the fullest? I guess most of you might have watched the movie "Zindagi na milegi dobara" - the movie apprehends something very similar. We're hesitant to try something new, something that's not "usual".

    In every professions, these days, the vital part is - whether or not you're innovative. Hence why, if you're unique, you're rewarded. Now, I start this discussion to see what you all think. Would you rather go by your normal schedule or would you overlook the obvious and try something new - explore life? :)

    Aditya Jha
  • I truly appreciate your thoughts Aditya. Most of the times people are afraid in adopting changes, stepping out of the pre-drawn circle or trying something new. For example, in a normal middle class family, where the generations had worked as government employees, choosing to start a business or moving into the private sector is generally countered. I'm talking on a very basic level.

    Similarly in our country very few professions are considered as respectful, as its fulcrum many dreams remained unfulfilled and most of us ended up in some call center talking to some strange person and solving their damn problem, or as so called IT professional, where 80% of them have no idea what they are doing and for God's sake why?

    Many friends of mine had adopted blogging cause they feel suffocated in what they are doing and want to live their dreams, may be in their stories or poems. May be one day we all have the courage to stand for our dreams, and do something that has never been done before.

    ~ Ayushi
  • I always wonder why I need to rely on my parents, teachers, friends, relatives to guide me through life. It is also crucial to point out here that they are indispensable. Just an evening chat or a little time during day or any simple connection of getting me remembered to take my phone and purse with me are not simple activities. Sitting before laptop and opens to great ideas presented to me through internet, I feel greatly affected and want to do something. I might pledge a cause to "keep surroundings clean" but when it comes to my own society, I hesitate to point out to my neighbor not to burn garbage. This superficial power gives me power of innovation but still I am unable to see above the obvious.

    I know it would be troublesome to ask my neighbor to mend his/her ways, so I mend mine. I work on a small patch of land corresponding to their garbage burning ground to raise beautiful wild flowers. Easy to maintain and grow for large period of time. No extra cost, no extra hard work. Soon, my neighbor gets idea and stops burning garbage before their house. This is how I learned to overlook the obvious. In small efforts that I put daily in my life, makes me appreciable in my life. Sometimes, my parents, friends, relatives also fail and cannot handle circumstances open at large but I am learning how to overlook the obvious and develop as human being.
  • I always like to explore new places and live life to fullest. Its not like you have to do something really different, large and scary. taking a different path while going to your college/office. taking one day off and just roaming in the city can make you feel good and keeps you thinking about what new I can do in my life, in my work, for me, for my family, for my country.
  • @updateyourself That's an extremely nice and smart way of exploring life safely yet maintaining that sense of adventure.

    @NeelamDadhwal We liked the whole idea you used with your neighbour. :)
  • Good to see a discussion going here. I agree with the opinions of you all. We're told what to become/do in life, what career we must opt for - we hardly have any choice. This was my main intention of starting this discussion, let our imagination flow here and share what we wish to be/what we are and how what we're doing can be bettered, let's have a free discussion here. :)

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