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Improvements Blogadda and Blogadda Forum should make
  • At first I am going to send a mail to Blogadda team, but then I thought if I start this thread then many new improvements can come from my fellow Bloggers. So I started this thread and Improve blogadda.
    Here's my Take on where Blogadda can improve.
    1) In blogadda forum we don't see bloggers profile, you must display his blog name with a link at least.
    2) Also I didn't find how to connect with fellow bloggers on forum, I have just one option of sending a message.
    3) There is no link to go back to the Blogadda from forum(here I am too lazy to write blogadda.com in the new tab).
    4) .....
    hope Blogadda will look into this.
  • I agree with all your points @updateyourself. Also
    4. We should be already logged in when we come from blagadda site to forums. Shouldn't need to click on login again.
  • @doubledgedsword how can I forget that, we need to login twice. I think @teamblogadda haven't seen this topic.
  • @updateyourself

    1. There are certain restrictions of the forum platform we are using. The first thing is having the blog URL in the profile. We are working on this and will keep you updated.
    2. Yes, there is an option to send a message. What other ways are you looking at connecting with the blogger?
    3. There is a link at the footer - to our homepage and blog.


    4. It is in the nature of the platform we are using. No other way at the moment - but one does not need to enter password twice, though we agree you need to click twice.
  • @updateyourself

    We have an update for you. You can now see the blog URL on the user profile page and also a link to his/her BlogAdda profile. We appreciate your feedback and hope you like this.
  • Thanks @teamblogadda for looking into this thread and making those improvements.

    oh and about that link in the footer, I don't know about it till you mention it here so thanks for that too.

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