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blogadda की कैटगरी में अपने ब्लॉग को कैसे शामिल किया जा सकता है?
  • blogadda की कैटगरी Editor's Pick, Guest Blog Posts और Recently Updated Indian Blogs में
    अपने ब्लॉग को कैसे शामिल किया जा सकता है? इन कैटगरी में शामिल होने के लिए क्या योग्यता होनी चाहिए?
  • I am also curious about how can our blog come to limelight with those two categories.

    and also How can we write a guest post on blogadda.

    I think @teamblogadda can tell us what we have to do??
  • @theweek Recently updated blogs work when the blogs are updated. Editor's Pick is something which our team selects. If you think your blog deserves to be there, you can always mail our team. We do not ensure it will be, but we will check.

    @updateyourself We are currently not accepting guest blogs - but do follow us on Twitter and other social media channels and you'll know when we do it

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