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Rupee at an all time low, any hope left?
  • There's a general saying that if your country's money in comparison with dollar is very low, the country is going downhill and at a very rapid pace. The current scenario in which India finds itself is pretty similar, rupee is at an all time low against dollar and the hope of it getting better anytime soon is very minimal.

    Our PM is someone who belongs to economics fields and sadly, under his rule the country is seen it's worst phase in economy, talk about irony! A common Indian is left with no choice but to complain against this misery of ours. So then, what's the way forward? Any hope left? What do you think?
  • Our Prime Minister is a Famous Economist.But for what he is really known is the economic crisis of 1991.and i don't think that we have to give all credit to him because reforms were the need of that time and there was not any other way to recover from the crisis.
    But now things has been changed and a very big reason why India is down falling is Corruption.Almost all ministers of UPA Government are indulged in corruption activity and how can we expect something positive from those corrupt people.
    Not America not any other country or zone is responsible for this crisis.
    Government want to encourage FDI in every sector but how can we expect something good from this by hearing the news of corporate lobbying.

    According to Transparency international india own a place of 94 in Corruption index which is very poor.Which shows that every political decision has an influence of some short of corruption.
    what the government need right now and for every government for future is political will power and this is possible if they think something positive for INDIA.
  • Indian rupee is at an all time low.Currency movement shows the state of Indian economy . I t is time for govt. to act . But alas govt busy in politics with RBI looking at govt for direction clearly rupee will take long time to recover
  • very soon it will touch century marks 100 !!!! you can not expect anything till UPA is there at center. for UPA, inflation, petrol price, rupee against dollar, onion price doesn't matter, what matter most is coming election at 2014. they are busy with how to manipulate more & more seat & also to keep as many party as possible under UPA.
  • well call it coincidence that after passing the famous food security bill, the rupee and sensex crashed. The rupee crash will only help our tourism industry since indian tourists will prefer indian spots compared to going overseas. Our exports r still not picking up and we will shell more money for imports especially oil. Wondering in such bad market, high debt- government is thinking about programs that will help it in hatrick re-election campaign rather than fueling the economy growth. i am no economist, but hopefully some our smart leaders who are silent, need to repeat their 1991 trade tricks though situations are not same. Waiting for 'Singh is King' to repeat
  • I got this message on my whats app and I think it can help a little bit to improve rupee against $$.

    Share this Info !!!
    In 1925 1$ = 0.10 Rs, In 1947 1$ = 1 Rs, In 1970 1$ = Rs. 4
    Today 1$ = Rs. 68
    Estimated 1$ by end of the year = Rs. 70
    Again 60 Rs By March 2014.

    Dollar is not getting stronger but rupee is getting weaker & nobody else is responsible except us!

    How can we change it?

    1. A Cold Drink produced for 70-80 paisa sold at Rs. 9-10!
    Stop drinking them, go to soda shops & drink lemon juice, lassi etc. instead of coke, pepsi, limca

    2. Soaps
    Use Soaps of cinthol,santoor,medimix, neem instead of lux,lifebuoy,rexona,liril,dove,pears,hamam,lesancy,camay,palmotive!

    3. Toothpaste-
    Use Neem, babool, vicco, dabur, promise instead of colgate,close up,pepsodent,cibaca

    4. Toothbrush
    Use prudent,ajanta,promise instead of colgate, close up, oral-b,pepsodent,forhans

    5. Shaving cream-
    Use godrej ,emami, vjohn
    Instead of palmotive,old spice,gillete.

    6. Blade-
    Use supermax,topaz,laser,ashoka
    Instead of seven-o-clock,365,gillete

    7. Talcum powder-
    Use santoor,gokul,cinthol,boroplus Instead of ponds,old spice,johnson,shower
    to shower.

    8. Milk powder
    Use indiana,amul,amulya' verka
    Instead of anikspray,milkana, everyday milk, milkmaid

    9. Shampoo-
    Use Nirma, Velvette
    Instead of halo, all clear,nyle sunsilk,head and shoulders, pantene

    10. Mobile connections-
    Use bsnl,airtel,reliance
    Insteaf of vodafone, docomo

    11. Food-
    Eat at jay bhavani, TGB, local restaurants
    Instead of macdonld, subway, pizza hut, kfc

    12. Mobile
    Use micromax, karbonn,virgin
    Instead of samsung,apple, htc, sony, nokia

    13. Bikes-
    Use hero, royal enfield
    Instead of honda,

    14. Footwear-
    Use bata, chavda
    Instead of nike, reebok,adidas,converse

    15. Jeans and shirts
    Use spykar, k-lounge
    Instead of lee,levi's,U.s. Polo, pepe, benetton

    16. Watch
    Use titan, sonata ,fasttrack
    Instead of tommy, Citizen,zodiac,tissot

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