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Co-Education Schools are better than Same Sex Schools.
  • I have studied in an all girls school but I couldn't see any advantage or disadvantage since my friends in the neighborhood and coaching class included many boys as well. I think more than the school its the parent's mindset and conditioning that matters. V see extremely spoilt kids in both coed and same sex school. Although my parents' decision was based on the quality of education the school offered, v should have coed schools as keeping the children in same sex environment for 5-6 hours adds no value when they have to coexist with the other sex all through their life.
  • Well... I've experienced both.. studied up to class VIII in boy's school and after that in co-ed. As Shaivi said, we see extremely spoilt kids in both co-ed and same sex schools but somehow I feel, the fun and relaxed environment in co-ed schools, really matters a lot. But proper grooming is necessary in every steps whether it's a co-ed or same sex ...
  • @shaivi Yes, we couldn't agree more. If the child has to be spoilt, that will happen no matter if it is a same sex school or co-ed school. Again the quality of education provided is what matters much more than this factor.

    @arunava007 When you shifted to the co-ed school after studying in a boy's school, were you in any way uncomfortable in the new environment?
  • I go with co-education :)
  • @someonespecial We would also love to know why.
  • @BlogAdda Co-Education gives a chance to understand a person of opposite sex. It helps to bind a good friendship and cherish it for a lifetime. Well, in terms of education, it gives you a healthy competition :D There are many other factors such as inspiration, stay as a topper, combined studies and following etc.,
  • FOR:
    First I disagree with people who say it doesn't matter in the long run. It does.

    I have seen girls who have studied in girls-only schools and then go on to co-ed colleges or grad schools. While some of them turn out ok, most of them lack the level of understanding of the opposite sex that girls who went to co-ed schools have. One reason I see is that school happens in your formative years and our brains are more malleable then so who/what we are exposed to then has a greater impact on us. By the time we are in college or at work, we are much more set in our beliefs and even interacting a lot with the opposite gender has much lesser influence.
    I am not saying these girls cannot interact with guys or become abnormal or anything. Just that in a lot of tiny subtle ways they don't get men as well as girls who studied in co-ed do. At least, on an average.

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