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WOW- 3 words, 1 story!
  • Yay!! My fifth WOW badge! :) Thanks blogadda. U're not gonna ban me na... :P

    Anmol, urs was an awesome story. Its just that commenting is a task on ur blog... was too lazy to create a disqus acct :P
    keep it up :)

    Shail, i told u na... congrats :)
  • Congratulations to all the winners!
  • @swarn Most Welcome! Keep Blogging!

    @rajin79 We're glad you liked the prompt. Keep participating for WOW!

    @spunkyfunkyme Why would we ban an amazing blogger? Congrats on your WOW badge and may you win many more!
  • drawing attention to team blogadda--the wow blog should be chosen for a meaningful post. With due respect to the blogger, i don't find any meaningful post for entry listed as no 2 (http://pebbleinthestillwaters.blogspot.in/2013/08/haiku-worst-prank.html#sthash.H9dj3A97.dpuf) above. it has to be some meaningful thought, can't be just few liner. If we do like this, it will dilute the importance of 'Wow"
    pls. take my comments sportingly, don't have any personal issue with anyone.
  • @angancha Our team interpreted the above post as how cruel human beings today are to fellow human beings. In an already deaf person's ears you plug in earphones. To an already blind person's eyes you spray cough syrup. By doing any of these, you are only adding to their misery. Plus @jaideep has used the three words in such a short post which is also commendable. Due to these reasons, we thought the post was good and put it up on the list. We're open to listening to the views of the other bloggers on the same as well. Thank You for your comment.
  • Happy to get featured after three misses :) Thanks @BlogAdda :)
  • @spunkyfunkyme no problem. :) Am glad you liked it. Disqus is used in many sites these days that's why i opted for it. Anyways, not an issue but if I write another good post sometime you will have to login :p
  • LOL, thanks blogadda! :*

    @Anmol: maybe I can just tweet at ya! :) Hope u got my Liebster post ... waiting for ur post on that. :P

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