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Capital Punishment Should Be The Final Verdict For Rapists.
  • @Team Blogadda - when we have so many poor in India and endemic corruption, the potential for false rape charges is, to my mind, explosive. Also, today, no penalty is a deterrance to would-be rapists as it is a penalty only on paper. Even the police, for some reason, don't like to register rape cases. Everything is stoked against the raped and for the rapist. The powerful have no respect for, nor fear of, the law. And too many would-be rapists ride on their tails. That monster who raped the six year old girl had the guts to offer to marry her off to his eight year old son. Why? So that he could continue raping her? If they realise that nobody escapes punishment for rape, we'll find that whatever has been written in the Indian constitution (and it isn't the death penalty) is more than sufficient deterrance for many (unfortunately, not all) would-be rapists.
  • If the number and frequency of rapes is to be avoided completely, capital punishment is the only way and there is no other harsher one.
  • @TeamBlogAdda - Not really. These punishments have been in existence, especially in the middle-eastern countries, since the nineteenth century or even earlier. Globally, among all countries where death penalty is legal, Asia has the highest number of recorded executions. A fact that should actually deter crime rate in these countries, but does not!
    The bottomline is - stricter laws may or may not help in a country like India, where it takes 4 years to hang a man convicted of mass homicide. But attacking the problem at the root will definitely help. It's easy to demand change in others, in the system, but a lot harder to demand change in oneself. Our society needs to change the way it views a woman, irrespective of the strata of society she belongs to.
  • @arunimas That is an extremely valid point where you say it is the attitude or the way women are looked at in the society that has to inherently change.

    @KayEm Yes, it is sad but true that the powerful have no respect for, or fear of the law in the country today. It should be made sure that mo one is able to escape punishment in the country.
  • Rapists are products of this soceity only. If we look at the profile of the rapists, they are more often single parent (read fatherless) children. When we are imbibing western culture so much we need to be ready for the ill effects of the same. In developed countries rape is much higher than in India. Also most often consensual sex is termed as rape, women file false cases just to take revenge and live in relationship going sour is termed as rape. Stats say most of the rapes (~80%) the accused are known to the victims.

    So the Issue is when we think all rapes are same, they are not. Death penalty etc are extreme forms of demands. Do we also demand for death penalty for women who file false cases? currently there is no punishment. So before anyone can demand death penalty one need to know whether punishing the accused severely will solve the issue.

    I think bringing back our value system, family system that nurtures a child from the beginning is a solution to it. We need to look into proper rehabilitation of the accused specially underage accused. But the issue is India is maturing fast, very fast. So some demand lowering the maturity age, some others want to stop sexualising everything.

    People say provocative dress has nothing to do with rape. But we need to understand that not everyone is educated or having high moral values to behave in decent manner. So dress is only a preventive measure, but even then there will be rape. because criminals like Delhi or Mumbai hardly understand law or legal procedure. There are many who don;t mind going to jail. Even murdering someone has become so easy nowadays.

    Overall as our family values are ruined, crime is set to increase. We can't ignore this. We can't ignore the contribution of both parents in nurturing a child well.

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