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Newspapers are becoming vehicles for advertising forgoing their main duty of providing credible news
  • I'm not completely agree with that. Yes few newspaper are like that only, no meaningful news, just a colorful ad spreading over the pages--but few are still okay, important topic, news etc are there--ad is also there, but this is business. I follow some paper, like-Times of India, ET Wealth etc which according to me is good
  • Once upon a time, newspapers disseminated news. Once they realized they could influence people, they sold themselves and became a business. Just like politicians. So you have Speaking Tree and Femina Diva ads in the same paper, news about molestations and rapes alongside portraits of "Mates" on the same page. Unscientific claims in ads simply because someone can pay. Today, few papers disseminate news dispassionately. Money owns minds. And it is a sign of the times we live in. Newspapers (barring a few) have become knowledge weapons of the worst kind.
  • yes. very much. but i have no complaints as long as news is not left out and more pages are created to accommodate advts. and if the paper is distributed free. which is possible if u study the arithmatics properly. and best of all advertisement manytimes make better reading than news
  • Not only do newespapers sell their souls to their sponsors they have to face tougher competition from other print media. Also, many of us get our news either from TV or the net.

    Hence, even if it is very annoying to see too many ads, I guess they have to maximise their advertising income. It is a tough balancing act as they don't want to lose even more paying customers.
  • @angancha Yes we do agree to your point that some newspapers even today provide credible and viable news.

    @nandinideka Yes, it os disheartening but true that today you can even buy news.

    @surangadate Yes, they are now used as a vehicle to influence the public in innumerable ways. It is sad but true that the newspapers today are increasingly losing their credibility.

    @KayEm Yes that is a very valid point. In a state where print media is losing its importance, and electronic media is progressing each day, it becomes necessary for the print media to try and maintain their income as also their customers in all possible ways.

  • This is so true. I have been switching over from paper to paper to get quality reporting. But that is so much a dream. Also both print media and electronic media have started being conclusive and judgmental where as they are supposed to do unbiased reporting and let the reader build up his own point of view. But along with million advertisements and raunchy pictures you also get opinions. And there is where it is defeated from giving non opinionated information.
  • @neoprady Yes, you are right. Opinionated and bought news is what is presented to us by the newspapers today.
  • well, there was a time when i used to 'study' newspapers, now i hardly glance through a newspaper. i had written a post on my blog (www.obliqview.blogspot.in) on 2nd Sep which was well received. it is sad that they have become so identified with certain views and opinions that there is hardly any scope for fair representation of facts and analysis

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