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Prices are Rising. Public transport an option? too boring? check again.
  • Public transportation is not bad. Cost of parking a car in a mall for 2 hours is more than cost of a full day AC bus pass in Bengaluru
  • Another option is to rent the cars on need basis... (self drive rentals)

    My analysis below, on the maths involved in buying vs renting a car
  • not able to access ur blog...???
  • Hi, Prices are rising.. do we know who is responsible? It's the city-dwellers who are affected most. In metros, the price of commodities rise due to the influence of several factors. Are the goods hidden in warehouses, to increase the demand and price? Is buying goods in supermarkets a reason for the increase in prices? Nobody questions the mrp of goods even if it is close to being double. Are the public sensitive to question the retailer on the unusual increase in price? There are several questions..it keeps going on and on
  • Using public transport is indeed a better option. The continuous price rise does add pressure on the middle class people. This is one of the direct implications of ever-increasing demand for resources. Hence, it is a no-big-surprise. But the situation can be tackled by using public transport. Utilization of public resource diminishes the pressure on the resources. On the brighter side, this also gives a solution to the traffic problems. The metropolitan cities become stalled a lot of time because of traffic, which makes it impossible for the people move around freely. Use of public transport, thus, is very much advisable for today's situation.

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