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WOW - 5..4..3..2..1..!
  • Thanks blogadda...but I agree with Kalpana and Vidya...short urls are indeed difficult...congrats to all those who got shortlisted..through wow I came to know a lot of talented bloggers, a special thanks for that too... :D
  • How do i put the badge on the post! Pls help, somebody.
  • Wohooo......my first WOW post :) congo to all winners..... http://www.jaytales.blogspot.in
  • Thanks a lot, Dear Team!
    Wonderful to feature amongst the WOW posts yet again!
    Congrats to all the Winners!
    Short URLs are difficult to navigate through...Also feels like loss of identity.
    Please display our full Blog names. Blog Name is the identity. Seeing our Blog's name here make us more proud & our WOW is BIGGER! :)
  • Just wanted to check if all the posts are really read. Not questioning the credibility of the result but I am keen to understand the process of selecting the posts.

    Also the tiny urls are really difficult to decipher which posts wee really selected. Please help!

    Hope to hear from you :)
  • 5 4 3 2 1...was an inspirational countdown for all our bloggers. Thank you blogadda for the selection and wishing all bloggers success.
  • Thank you BlogAdda.. My 4th WOW.. But I too agree with above comments, these short urls are too confusing.. Loss of identity for sure :(
  • Thanks TeamBlogadda, this was my first attempt at WOW and I got a badge to flaunt. :)
    Sorry for thanking you late, I had lost my password and only today retrieved it.

    Thanks a ton.
  • @sreejapraveen14 Congratulations!

    @kalpana1 Most Welcome! :)

    @charuamar We're happy for you! Congratulations!

    @confusedhumanit Congratulations and we're happy WOW introduces you to a volley of amazing bloggers!

    @jay3dec Congratulations! Wohoo!

    @anitaexplorer Congratulations! Keep Blogging!

    @kajal Yes, all the posts are read. Only then are the featured posts picked! We look forward to your entry next week. :)

    @20ramanathan Yes it sure was! Congrats!

    @jyotsnabhatia86 Congratulations! Keep Blogging :)

    Dear Bloggers,
    We'll look into the issues you are facing with the short URLs soon.
    Thank You.
  • @shilpablogadda You are most welcome! Congrats on your 1st WOW badge :)

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