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One Of The Parents Should Stay At Home With The Child During His Growing Years.
  • I agree to this BlogAdda. At least one of the parents should stay at home with the child during the first three years. That's when a child develops learns everything to anything.
  • @someonespecial Yes, that is when the child develops and learns a lot of things.
  • One parent means mother only because in general women are more nurturing in nature and also women are likely to understand need of children better at a younger age. Also women can go back to work force claiming they took break to take care of children. No company will buy that from men. So given that we are talking of women only, I guess it goes against the idea of women's empowerment.
  • @TheFool Why do you say fathers won't be able to understand the child and its needs as well as the mother? If the change has to begin form somewhere, let it. With time maybe if men increasingly begin doing this, there will be companies who may accept this as a valid reason for leave also.
  • Hi team,
    nice topic.
    WHy should a parent be at home?
    Kids with working parents stay in baby sittings, become independant at a very early age, can easily mingle with people since they have been in that scenario,
    Kids with working parents are less fussy about food and things like that.
    Frankly, if parents and give their time on weekends and evenings wholly to the kids it should be enough
  • @deerdeer Yes, no doubt that the kids become independent and are less fussy about issues like food. Isn't it better that during the growing years of the child, he/she be accompanied by a parent at most of the times?
  • I totally agree that one of the parent has to spend quality time with the child in his/her growing years. In cases, where children as young as 6 months old are left in day care centers, they easily, or would rather say. are forced to adapt to a social life at a very nascent stage very soon. They are interacting with a day care nanny or a teacher with whom they spend a major chunk of their time. So their grasping of words, habits and molding of nature is more influenced by the outside world and less, by their own parents. However, if one of the parent stays at home and raises the child, giving the needed attention in the initial growing years, the child will have stronger family bonds, firm habits and will feel more secured wherever he or she is, unlike the ones stated above. And a sense of independence comes automatically in the child.

    But having said that, I do not imply that kids whose parents are working and are unable to give much time to them, grow any less better. Basically, a child adapts to the atmosphere he or she is growing in. And a child understands much better than we think he/she does. But given a choice, one of the parents can always consider putting career on a back seat for a while, or preferably choose a career that allows him/her to spend quality time with the child.

    After all, is there anything more important in this world, than giving a great physical and an even more sound mental health to our children? After all, careers can always wait, money will come and go and come again, but the growing years of children come only once!
  • I am speaking through experience. I and my brother have been in baby sittings from as young as 4 months olds.
    I have seen my friends in school totally dependent on their parents for everything. They get spoon fed. They used to throw tantrums. Scream during movies.
    But kids with working parents learn to adapt with situations. That doesnt mean the parents love the kids any less.and now I can say I never regretted not having my parents home, we never missed their love. They were with us when we needed them.
    The child develops a certain maturity at an early age.
    The child starts respecting and valuing everything love, hate, privacy everythng
    Also that there is a bonding in the baby sittings, the sense of satisfaction, sense of being a team, special treatment during birthdays, those little power fights, somethings a stay home parent cannot give the kids.
    I agree kids are molded according to the day care people, but they imbibe a sense of responsibility early. The parents jus inculcate values in their kids.
    The day care interaction makes them a child adult who is responsible for their actions keeping their innocence intact.

    But kids with stay home parents jus
    It isnt easy for parents especially moms to leave her babies go and no one can replace the mom or dad.
    But kids in baby sittings understand this at a tender age and reduce the so-called guilt that parents might harbor.
    The kids in day cares, learn caring, sharing, compassion in their formative years. They learn to adjust themselves around people and temperaments. They sometimes learn to use their words carefully.
    It makes them a better human being in their formative years itself
  • I worked as an IT professional until my son was born. I have taken a break to take care of my toddler who is two and a half and he does go to a playschool. Yes, very rightly as you said, kids learn a lot there. A lot of useful things and a lot of unwanted things as well. But as a parent at home, I appreciate him for the good things he learns and I do admonish him when he uses unwanted vocab he picks from school. And for that, a parent at home is needed. A day care only teaches a child to be social and yes, he learns a lot. His energy is channelized in a proper way. But, it does not build a child's character. Character building starts at home. And that answers on my behalf, the question for the debate: One of the parents needs to stay at home in a child's growing years.

    And from my experience as a parent, I can vouch for a fact, that my son is independent in more ways than one and has almost no hitches in his routine. So, a child's behavior is totally in the hands of a parent, as to how the parent wants him to grow. A parent follows discipline, the child will follow the parent religiously! A couple of years more, I will be back in a job that suits me, but at least I will have those wonderful moments I have spent with my child in his first years imprinted in my memory.

    Many a time, our views are mostly based on what we have seen and perceived the world, while growing up. The environment we grow in, does cloud our judgment. But then what we need to remember is, every kid is different. We cannot have fixed views on how they will evolve. And there was a time, when I shared the above opinion. But once we enter parenthood, some perceptions are bound to change, regardless of the fact how we have been brought up or how we have watched our nephews and nieces grow up. Because, there is a hell lot of a difference in seeing your nephew/niece/neighbors' kids grow AND bringing up your own child. :)
  • It is not about a parent staying back. Its okay to work because it is often hard to provide your kid with just single salary. But then do not neglect a child, keep an eye on him. Spend some quality time with him, make sure you are always there when he needs you, listen and understand when he wants you to. Tell him right from wrong, make sure you spend evening together make him tell you the day's events, what made him happy or what he is disappointed of. Give him space but don't just let him go. let him learn how to walk but be there to help him get up on his feet. Upbringing is not about hanging over kid's head all the time but about letting him know that you want him to learn life his own ways and yet you have got his back.

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