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Zoos Do More Harm Than Good
  • Zoos are places where all the animals and birds are kept in a locked environment. How fair is it for the animals to be staying trapped in a cage and to be present there just for the entertainment of us humans?

    Zoos Do More Harm Than Good

    No doubt that they are fed well and taken care of but devoiding them of their natural lifestyle for our selfish purposes is just not right. They have every right to live the life they are meant to. Only so that we have one more place to visit and so that out children are able to see what these animals look like in real life, locking them up in cages at the zoo is wrong. This brings us to the topic of the debate for this week,

    Zoos Do More Harm Than Good.

    Do you agree or disagree?
    Tell us your opinion about the same in detail.
  • I Agree. Zoos do more harm than Good. Imagine you being locked up in a cage and hundreds of people coming and seeing you. It's not necessary to keep animals in cages to teach children about them, all information better than zoo is available on many channels so why to cage them. At times they are not fed properly and zoos are also not maintained properly.
  • @aditya85 Yes it is true that sometimes animals in zoos are also not fed properly. Being caged there just for the entertainment of the humans is indeed unfair.

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