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Lottery Is Not A Good Idea
  • The whole idea of lottery is to play on your luck and earn money. What generally happens when it comes to lottery is that a person with the hope of winning gets habituated into buying lottery tickets. Not to forget, many of the companies that host lotteries do so only with the intention of fraud.

    Lottery Is Not A Good Idea

    Lottery as a concept shows people and convinces them that there are other ways of earning money other than working hard which doesn't seem all that correct. This brings us to the topic for our next debate,

    Lottery Is Not A Good Idea.

    Do you agree or disagree?
    Tell us your views on this topic in absolute detail because that is what we love to read.
  • ofcourse it isnt a good idea
    its gambling and its addictive.
    you may start with rs. 10 initially win rs. 100..then human desires take over..greed comes up..you buy 100 win 1000..then put 1000 lose it...you wanna try again put 1000 win 10000 put 10000 lose..then try your luck put 10000 lose..try again n again n in the end either get frustrated and commit suicide, lose all your money, house everything and a pauper, or in deep debts n very very unhappy
  • It isn't a good idea but what's the harm in trying your luck
  • It gets bad if you're getting addicted to it
  • Tell me one business venture that isn't doing fraud !!!!

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