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Why did you start blogging?
  • Let us converse and discuss on why did we start blogging. :)
  • i dont know......but i sure am loving it!!
  • I started blogging because I was always talking to myself at this incredibly boring place I worked at in the Middle East. I guess I wanted to document how I was killing time or putting up with the incredibly uninspiring region. I'm glad I did, it certainly has helped me open up and express myself. I blog here, by the way. http://codenameashtray.blogspot.in/
  • @shootingstar_ :)
    @codenameashtray Interesting username. :P Talking to yourself? It would be interesting to know on what the people around you used to think about you then? Do they read your blog now?
  • Thanks! People, well they stare initially and then they just get used to it. I don't know if people read my blog or not, it's just out there for self expression really. And talking to myself, haven't kicked the habit even after the blog :P
  • I am a free lance jewellery designer ... i started blogging initially to share my knowledge and collection with people worldwide as this the best platform available ... Leme tel u i am loving it to the core ... i am learning new things everyday .... as u say " success is nt a destination , its a journey , my journey has just begin and loving every bit of it ..... follow :)

  • Three reasons why I started my blog at WOODOOZ !

    1. I wanted to showcase my woodworking projects
    2. I wanted to share my woodworking experience and pen down my learnings for others to gain
    3. While the internet has plethora of information, there is nothing like learning from someone directly. The blog was also an attempt to reach out to like minded woodworking enthusiasts.
  • I am a media student and I was given Blogging as a part of a project. I was always fond of reading and writing and blogging came to me as a boon! I am in love with it now :)
  • I started blogging because I thought I have good humor, and instead of making my grandma laugh at my jokes ( which she OBVIOUSLY does to keep me happy), I thought why not make the world check and assess my humor. And not only humor, I was always backfired by people because of my raw in-their-face sarcasm. So to channelise my negative energy to bring out something positive- my blog.

    I blog at- www.worth-a-million.blogspot.com

    Do visit. And dont be my grandma- be truthful.
  • Started blogging in 2010 as a way of sharing the photographs I had taken with a bigger audience. I mostly uploaded pictures to Flickr but wanted a bigger exposure. Now, I am able to get good feedback from an audience which has much variety and spread across all over the world.
  • Would it sound silly that I loved English in school. Essays were my forte and poems were what I dwelt in?

    Well if it is silly, that's the truth. No more essays, no more writing and then I heard of the blogging world.

    I started off to vent my thoughts, talk on specific situations, write fictional stories and then I realized people did read it. They left comments, which would make me feel like I wasn't an odd one out. I connected with people, their sentiments and came across a lot more people who were AMAZING. I still do it, but not so regular. But the joy of writing shall always remain. :)

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