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What all can a home alone newly wed wife in a foreign land do ? please help !!
  • Need Suggestions / Advise
  • Serious question.If she loves cooking and eating,then some part of the problem is solved.
  • Do you mean like a career?
    You can help content writers (if it is in your area of expertise). There are many websited looking for freelance writers.
    If this is not a career move, then you can start exploring the new city and blogging about it, or your culinary skills, or movie / book reviews, craft... there are tons of interesting things you can do :)
  • Explore the new city, read, blog, cook, write etc.etc...the world is your oyster!!!
  • Hey , there r lotta things u could do . Firstly, don't get scared just because ur alone in a foreign land ! Go out for a walk perhaps, u mite just catch up with someone who u could make a friend ! Read some books , it mus b difficult if u don't know even a single person but trust me there r lot of ideas that come to ur mind when ur home alone ! Exploring the city sounds gooood

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