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A special conversation with your mom that you remember!
  • Mother's Day is round the corner. Some conversations are special. Especially the one's that we have with our parents. Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. – Robert Browning. Share one best conversation / incident / learning that your mom has enriched you with. Six entries will receive a surprise gift from us and their posts will be published on our blog. Keep it real. Keep it unforced. The write-up can be of around 300 words. For more details you can visit - http://adda.at/MomPosts

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  • Here goes my entry: For my partner-in-crime
    Thank you once again Blogadda, for bringing to us such a fantastic writing theme this Mother's Day!
  • @swetaluckyst @deboshreeb @indianscrewup You have to post the content here, and not the links. :)
  • She has been like a fairy GODMOTHER, right from the day when I started to blink at the worldly truth. She has been like an angel, supporting me in every decision, inspiring me in every step....talking to me whenever I am down and trusting me forever!
    My mother is the strongest woman I know! I strive to be just like his and can only hope to be just as strong!

    I cannot express your importance in my life through a few gaudy statements, but yes I have composed something for you and I hope you will like it!

    Entrapped in your soul is my will-
    Entrapped in your heart is my desire-
    Entrapped in your fits is my devotion-
    Entrapped in your smile in my passion-
    Entrapped in your lips is my cherished dream-
    Entrapped in your vision is my ambition-
    Entrapped in your touch is my rejuvenation-
    Entrapped in your mind is my inner peace...
    Entrapped in your breath is my zeal to survive-
    Believe me when I say you are amazing, you are amazing and it’s true!

    Missing you like hell in Shillong :(

    Lots of love,
    Your loving son,
    Sammya Brata
  • sakht raasto pe aasaan safar lagta hai
    ye meri maa ki duao ka asar lagta hai
    ek muddat se meri maa nahi soyi jab
    maine kaha"maa mujhe raat me dar lagta hai"
    hi everybody
    its mother's day- a day for mumma,mummy .maa........if you think about it, Mom isn't a word that's easy to define because it means different things to different people...

    For some, Mom means bedtime stories, bear hugs, or out-of-this-world brownies...

    For others, the word means courage, a cup of cocoa on a cold winter's day, or maybe even clean underwear! but there's one definition that we can all agree on...

    Mom means love...the kind of love that knows no bounds
    MOTHER-a word thats higher than god in our lives
    from the day we opened our eyes in this world the first person we saw was "maa"{n lets accept that was love at first sight}the first word,the first walk.the first cry,the first laughter,the first fall n every little events of our life became her reasons to smile ,reasons to live for me mom has always been a strict woman in my life as i was always pampered by daddy
    but now when i look back i realise it was mom who made me a good human being i may have not understood then but ur "rok tok"only saved me from this mean world
    maa u were the one whose life circulated around us from our homework to tutions to uniforms to shoe laces to every lil thing i still remember maa when i was very ill u used to lay awake all night ,smiling before me n sobbing in other room{i heard it maa}
    i saw u praying ,requesting n bribing god thru ur vaibhav lakshmi n mangalwar vrat only for ur children
    maa u r an angel,u r god in disguise 4 all of us,what i am today i owe to you ,what i wud be better tomorrow i owe it to you i dont need any mothers day to make u feel special 'coz u r special everyday n wud always be
    A mother is someone to shelter and guide us,
    To love us, whatever we do,
    With a warm understanding and infinite patience,
    And wonderful gentleness, too.

    How often a mother means swift reassurance
    In soothing our small, childish fears,
    How tenderly mothers watch over their children
    And treasure them all through the years!

    The heart of a mother is full of forgiveness
    For any mistake, big or small,
    And generous always in helping her family
    Whose needs she has placed above all.

    A mother can utter a word of compassion
    And make all our cares fall away,
    She can brighten a home with the sound of her laughter
    And make life delightful and gay.A mother possesses incredible wisdom
    And wonderful insight and skill -
    In each human heart is that one special corner
    Which only a mother can fill!"
    "your mother is always with u
    she's whisper of leaves
    as you walk down street
    she's smell of bleach
    in ur frshly washed socks
    she's cool hand on your brow
    when u r not well
    your mother lives in ur laughter
    she's crystallized in every tear drop
    she's the place u came from
    your first home
    she's the map u follow
    with every step u take
    she's ur first love
    n ur first heart break
    nothing on earth can seperate
    no time
    no distance
    will ever separate
    not even death
    from your mother"
  • This poem is written recently when My mom visited me for 10days and left!

    To my Super mom

    You came like that sudden cool breeze in hot summer.
    Its like, we met after ages and you are a home-comer.
    You wanted me to get dressed even at home, prim and proper!
    Then U left which definitely to me is a big bummer!!

    Every argument we have is as long and strenuous as a marathon.
    Whatever we talk at times can switch the fight on!
    Words die and fight stops as it leads to no where.
    With varying thoughts you and me mentally declare"Me a winner"!!

    Gone are the days when I was a baby pampered by you.
    You still say am a baby girl when ever I deal with you.
    Some one said a thing which is so damn true!
    We don't have a clue about a thing we miss till it turns us blue!!

    There's no moment in a single day when I don't think about you.
    Your suggestion works like a magic and solves my big and small issue!
    You are my role model and the best woman I know so far.
    I love you and always feel you are near, even if you stay so far!!

    Love you mom-- for all the moments which made my days brighter and my load lighter! You are the best. A day is less to recognize your efforts and measure your love but still HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
  • A poem for mom and dad as well!

    "I Love U" Mom Dad!

    Every secret I shared even if its unimportant and wee.
    Every thing and place which together we always see!
    At my smallest victory her face will be in glee.
    To my wishes and impossible demands she would always agree!

    When I am dull she would give me a good book or story to read.
    She would stand behind and give me all chances to lead!
    To my tall-tales and any deed she would always pay heed.
    With out me uttering a word she would recognize what I need!

    When am sad she becomes impatient till she makes me smile.
    I assist her in all the chores just once in a while!
    She never fails in her pursuit to make me happy.
    She is forever concerned though at times I am sloppy!

    After entering the home he will instantly search for me.
    From my tot to teen to now the habit hasn't changed some how!
    I say you are the head of the family, a master to all the three.
    He says am the princess of the kingdom of four and takes a bow!!

    He is always on the move to fulfill my craziest desires,
    we cut jokes on each other and throw satires!
    A friend and "The Best" he is, who comes to my rescue.
    To pull mom's leg his face lits up in a bright hue :)

    Today I realized what am missing.
    No one can stand for you like your mom and dad do.
    Keep the whole world aside and them on the side which is true!
    Coz how much ever you love them, there will always be due!!
  • Post Returned Undelivered

    Daily there are thousands of posts returning undelivered for various reasons like door locked, party shifted, no such addressee etc. This also happens in our personal life. Daily we send thousands of thoughts, prayers, wishes, feelings, hopes and words across to people around us. But many of them return undelivered to us as the receiver’s minds refuse to accept them. One such cry of hope from a daughter’s heart which unfortunately was returned undelivered:

    Dear Maa,

    Today as the world celebrates an occasion dedicated to mothers, I want to confess something to you.
    Remember the day when I was all of 10 and I had come running to you crying hysterically. I wanted to tell you about that Uncle Maa…who used to touch me at wrong places. You thought I was imagining things. You hit me on my hands as you felt this was due to over exposure of stupid movies. You assumed I did not know how to behave myself and did not speak to me for two days as a punishment. I cried a lot and apologized to you so that you would speak to me again Maa. You forgave me with a promise that I will not cook up such stories again. I promised and hugged you tightly.

    That night I buried that child in me……

    I grew up and had my first crush. I felt love for the first time which was always missing between you and dad. You detested him while I loved him madly. I had managed to secure admission to my dream course. You threatened me. I relented and asked you to let me study promising to forget that boy. You broke the pact Maa….and I could never pursue my dream course ever again.

    That night I buried those dreams in me…..

    As I grew up and it was time for my marriage you thought I was a shrew who needed to be tamed. You never heard my pleas that all I ever wanted was love and care. You found a ‘perfect match’ for me; an educated person with decent income for whom I was only a source of entertainment. The day I got married you were beaming with joy as your dream had come true.

    That night I buried the heart in me…….

    I underwent many things but according to you it was my fault. You felt your upbringing had failed. You thought I was too stubborn to accommodate and adjust. Despite seeing my condition you sent me back that day loaded with lots of advice on how to please my husband and in-laws.

    That night I buried the soul in me…..

    I was happy when I got the ‘good news’. I was excited to bring a new life in this world. For me it was a soul – for others it was a gender. That day they decided to kill that soul while I lay blissfully unaware. When I woke up everything was over.

    That night I buried the woman in me…..

    Maa… this dying in bits and pieces has exhausted me completely. There is nothing more left in me. I can only see a dark tunnel in the name of the future as I stretch my neck to look forward to those beautiful tomorrows you spoke about always. It takes a mammoth effort from me each day to survive and today there is no more strength left in me.

    Tonight I quit as I bury the remnants in me….


    Your loving daughter.
  • MOM : I Love You!!
    You are always there for me with a smile,
    Your praises and comments make it all worthwhile.

    As I strive to do my very best,
    And emerge victorious facing every test.

    You go out of your way to give me hope,
    In you I find the strength to cope.

    You give with love, not merely out of duty,
    My days are daily burnished by that beauty.

    A true visionary, my mom, Mrs. Sunita Garg has always been ahead of her times. She is a human being of quality who firmly believes in converting her vision into reality effectively and with her best of efforts. My own life has gone from strength to strength under her guidance. Her dynamic personality exudes confidence as she graces us with her august presence at all the times. Her deep interest and enthusiasm is a joy to all the family members and her commitment to life is largely evident in the amount of time she spends for the benefit of the family and others.

    “Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love” - Mildred B. Vermont. Assuming her various roles as wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, niece, sister and role model with grace and aplomb as a MOTHER, she has been a figure on whom a child can always depend on at all the times.

    The life she leads exemplifies her belief that one has to have a passionate interest in self-sacrifice. The interest should give the person an urge to explore and a zest for life, and keep child-like enthusiasm and curiosity alive. As an invaluable member of the family, she has been a perennial source of illumination and inspiration for everyone alike. She is constantly encouraging and motivating me to perform beyond potential, helping me do and become more than I ever thought was possible.

    I thank her for always being there to motivate me to my best and to inspire me to achieve the impossible and blooming heights. I couldn't otherwise, I do appreciate all that you have done.

    On this Mother's Day, after spending 22 years under your cover, I dedicate this post to you. Love you Maa. :*

    Your Loving Golu-molu Daughter!!

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