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A special conversation with your mom that you remember!
  • Dear fellow bloggers
    Its my very first post on this platform and yeah i am nervous. I chose this topic on MOTHER because of two very strong reasons. First because of The Mother I am on this earth, breathing, enjoying life, experiencing God's wonderful creation Earth. And secondly because of Mother I am what I am today. Experiencing life itself on my own. I don't know how to react when people write so many beautiful words for mothers. Once I felt same for my mother. May be in my heart deep inside I feel the same. Still,this feeling is alien to me.I was the most misunderstood child of my mother. Although I love her still as I think loving your mother is beyond your power. It is very very natural like breathing.
    I am a mother myself and a very proud mother ,my daughter is God's beautiful gift to me.In my tremulous life she is a ray of hope, lifeline,. reason to live laugh, breath .She made my life complete. I celebrate Mother's Day being a Mother and not for Mother.
    I want to be that mother for my daughter for what I dream of. I always craved for a mother who loves me unconditionally. For what I am. Wrong or right. Good or evil. Who can listen to my problems, sort them out. Save me from committing more mistakes.
    Yeah I promise my daughter to be a mother true to word on this day.
  • The momentous day..

    I'd come back home… dejected and feeling helpless.
    I had gone for admission to PU college; I was late by a couple of days. Although I had collected the admission form and filled it up on time, a last minute confusion regarding mummy's transfer order and our dilemma whether or not to relocate to her native after all these years, had caused the delay. Mummy had relented to our resistance to relocating from this place, where we were born and had lived for the past 15 years. And so I had gone to the college along with my friend, to submit the application form. I had been bluntly told that the last date was over and they could not entertain any more applications. I did not know what to do, or how to explain my situation and I just went back home.
    I told mummy what happened at the college.. and while I was feeling really hopeless, she calmly asked me to have my lunch. She then asked me to change into another dress.. a white one that was bright and appealing .. in complete contrast to the black one that I had worn earlier. She accompanied me to the college and explained my situation to the concerned person. He seemed to be empathetic this time around. And though he could not actually decide what needed to be done.. he took us to the principal of the college and explained our situation. The principal looked at my marks sheet and was visibly impressed. He assured me that there was no way I would be rejected admission in that college.
    With mummy by my side, the day had turned from a bleak one to a totally ecstatic one!!
    The whole episode was a life lesson for me. One that has seeped into my sub conscious. In her own way my mummy taught me to stay calm and think through situations before giving up. She showed me that I need to put my best foot forward when I've to really get something done. Also that, showing up appropriately dressed is very vital sometimes !!
    -Ezekiel 16:44

    Well I’m not a replica of my mother, as people would want me to be. In fact I’m the complete opposite of her. In more ways than one, I wish to be like her, but I know I never can.

    She is the sole member who keeps the family running. She’s practical and wise and a combination of beauty with brains. And no I’m not saying that to flatter her. :)

    She is a very simple person; not showy in any way. I was always allured to glitz and glamour and was envious of Mom’s who’d go to kitty parties. But my Amma, she’s the gharelu types. Kitchen and taking care of the family. She didn’t believe that socializing was going to bring any good to the family. But today I’m so glad she isn’t the paparazzi mom, because had she been that way, I wonder if she’d be able to imbibe in me the values she’s given me over time. She’s always guided, supported and encouraged me in every little way she can. She’s always had time to spare for me.

    Although she’s a working woman, she’d always make sure I did my homework on time. She’d help me in my studies and make sure I scored well. She hasn’t ever praised me for my achievements, but has always given me a knowing smile. At time I’ve failed, she’s always given me the strength to face it with- “There's always a next time.”

    She taught me that I can’t always have things my way. Although she has a generous heart, which says YES to all that’s in her reach, she’s also got the biggest NOOOO to things she feels are wrong.
    When I lied, she’d chide me for it. But once, she totally stopped talking to me and told me how much it hurt her. And that day, I stopped. I know today she’d give me all that I ask for, if it’s right; and when she denies, I know it’s for my very good.

    She taught me NOTHING IS PERMANENT. People will come and go, but life goes on. And the one’s that stay are the ones who truly love and care for you. When I’d lose faith, she’d hold my hand and make me believe that anything is possible.

    In my rebellious teen phase, I would barely listen to what she said. I remember shampooing my hair and styling it up and how she'd apply oil and condition them. Now she thinks I'm old enough to oil my hair, but well I seem to be losing hair and wish she'd be helping me that way again :) ..

    She always taught me to prioritize and work hard. She’ll never hear an excuse. If I loved something, then it was my responsibility to take time out time for things I valued most. She taught me how working hard was the key to success. And there was no other easy way out. She believed in taking responsibility for your actions and never to be a coward. If you've done something wrong you MUST apologize.

    She taught me to be independent and take decisions for myself. She never forced any of her decisions on me. She never believed in following the crowd. She said- “Do it your way & learn for yourself.” She's taught me to face situations rather than run away from them. I remember how she used to say- "Kitna bhaagegi? You're going to be tired and you're going to stop. And the moment you stop, you're going to fall." Gosh this advise of hers has helped me in so mnay situations.

    Coming from a middle-class family, she taught me to value money and not misuse it. While my friends often hailed from rich families and got what they wanted, my mother would be very choosy. She’d tell me- “The greatest joy comes from simple things.” Money would give you materialistic pleasure but not real contentment. She always stuck to the ‘Little Is More’ funda.

    She taught me the importance of celebrating people. To rejoice in their joys and be a shoulder of comfort when they needed it. She reminded me time and again to be a good human being in every way possible. She hated it when I’d interfere in other’s affairs. She believes it’s important to have a private life and there’s absolutely not need to discuss every minute detail on FB or Twitter :P.

    She taught me to love. But she also fixed my heart when it was broken.
    She’s taught me so many different things. It seems like every day she teaches me something new. We often fail to realize it, putting ht “Generation Gap” statement, but in my heart I know it’s true. Amma’s never said I Love You to me till date, but her small actions do all the talking. Like the way she brushes my hair, cooks the food I like or buy me things I’ve asked for. She's not a total disciplinarian, but I've had the most amazing times with her. Pulling each other's legs, commenting on crazy things, goofing around in movies or running for chocolates. :D She's been my friend, philosopher and guide. She’s always been there for me. And I know she’s going to do all that she can for me to be happy. :)

    Amma, you should know that despite all the arguments I have with you, or the times I’ve been annoyed, I’ve always loved you. I can’t imagine a day without you, because I’m sure to make a mess. You've been my guiding light throughout. The faith you have in me makes me strong. I wish I could be half as good as you. I’m blessed to have you in my life.

    Love you Amma. :)
  • Mom’s got Me!!..

    Everybody broke down when my grandmother was in the hospital. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. She wasn’t getting better. The eternal care-giver, who held the whole family together, all her children and her children’s children, was lying helpless in hospital, while we ran around in circles wondering what to do. The doctors couldn’t do anything, all our prayers were going unanswered.

    In all the chaos, one person remained rock-steady. Patiently being by her side, tending to all her needs, efficiently handling all the affairs. It was my granny’s daughter – my mother. The lady with a very soft disposition, a delicate heart that spilled tears at the smallest of things, was being the rock-solid support for the entire family. That was the time I saw the strength she had. She was the one staying with my grandmother all the time, exhausting herself, and then she came home and was comforting all of us too.

    After 3 months of agony, grandmother left this world. All of us were heart-broken. I had a very special bond with my granny, and I couldn’t believe the fact that she was no longer there, to caress my hair, to gently reprimand me, to constantly fuss over me, to be there for me. I broke down in my mom’s arms, and cried my heart out. I can face the greatest of sorrows when my mother is by my side. At that moment, it suddenly struck me that even my mother depended heavily on her own other. She used to take her mom’s advice in all matters big and small. And suddenly, there was no one my mother could go to.

    I said to her, “ Mom, you are there for me for everything. But who will you go to now? How will you manage without your mom?” At that moment, I felt a deep anguish, more for her loss than mine.

    Mom gave me a hug, caressed my hair, and said “ I’ll be fine. I have you.”
  • Every conversation struck a chord with us. All of you are just amazing. As we said at the start, 6 bloggers will be getting surprise gifts from us.

    We requested @suranga to pick the 6 from this. We will request Suranga to announce the winners of the lucky one's soon here. Stay tuned. :)
  • Memories, Conversations and Incidents with my Mom !

    This is a school like no other. We are permanent students there, and unlike today's education system, where marks run the gamut from depressing to exhilarating, in this school, there are no marks. Just an amazing thinking-out-of-the-box, personalized, fun learning, all at our own pace, occasionally interspersed with with a great pat on the back, maybe a glare with an exasperated shaking of the head, a great encouraging smile, and a firm, stand of support in difficult times.

    Reading through all the entries really brought home one point. I belong to an older generation compared to the contest participants. And it is very clear, that though times may have changed, what you learn from Mothers has remained unchanged across the years.

    I found myself, nodding, recalling similar conversations, episodes, smiling, and it was difficult to choose.

    Here are , in no particular order, the six that touched the heart and mind.

    @Princesspoo Untitled Prose entry of May 16

    @VidyaSury My Mother, My best friend - Queen of Positive Attitude

    @Blogwati Mere Pass RajMaa Hai!


    @unmukt S अम्मां - अन्तिम समय पर

    I must mention one more.

    @Privytrifles' entry, " Post Returned Undelivered". This kind of situation exists today, with some mothers unable to throw away the shackles of societal perception of their actions, as they tend to follow what they think is a safe and uncontroversial road under the glare of a patriarchal searchlight. There is a huge amount of trauma and learning that happens for the daughter, and one hopes that this strengthens the daughter and gives her the guts to stand up for her own daughter in the future...

    And Blogadda, Thank you for the opportunity to read through the wonderful posts ...
  • http://www.jyotimehta88888.blogspot.in/2012/04/tujhe-sab-hai-pata.html

    my dedication to my mommy darling .... I LOVE YOU MA MOOMMY ..... !!!!
  • @Princesspoo @VidyaSury @Blogwati @ConfusedSoul @unmukt @privytrifles Congratulations :). Mail us your contact details ASAP to contact@blogadda.com.

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