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A special conversation with your mom that you remember!
  • Mom’s got Me!!..

    Everybody broke down when my grandmother was in the hospital. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. She wasn’t getting better. The eternal care-giver, who held the whole family together, all her children and her children’s children, was lying helpless in hospital, while we ran around in circles wondering what to do. The doctors couldn’t do anything, all our prayers were going unanswered.

    In all the chaos, one person remained rock-steady. Patiently being by her side, tending to all her needs, efficiently handling all the affairs. It was my granny’s daughter – my mother. The lady with a very soft disposition, a delicate heart that spilled tears at the smallest of things, was being the rock-solid support for the entire family. That was the time I saw the strength she had. She was the one staying with my grandmother all the time, exhausting herself, and then she came home and was comforting all of us too.

    After 3 months of agony, grandmother left this world. All of us were heart-broken. I had a very special bond with my granny, and I couldn’t believe the fact that she was no longer there, to caress my hair, to gently reprimand me, to constantly fuss over me, to be there for me. I broke down in my mom’s arms, and cried my heart out. I can face the greatest of sorrows when my mother is by my side. At that moment, it suddenly struck me that even my mother depended heavily on her own other. She used to take her mom’s advice in all matters big and small. And suddenly, there was no one my mother could go to.

    I said to her, “ Mom, you are there for me for everything. But who will you go to now? How will you manage without your mom?” At that moment, I felt a deep anguish, more for her loss than mine.

    Mom gave me a hug, caressed my hair, and said “ I’ll be fine. I have you.”
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    my dedication to my mommy darling .... I LOVE YOU MA MOOMMY ..... !!!!
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