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It's always good to say Thank You!
  • Hello Bloggers!!

    We would like to thank you for the overwhelming response that we have received for our P.A.U.S. Activity. We believe each one of you has ended up interacting with and making new blogger friends as a result of this activity. That was the very purpose behind starting the whole tagging game!

    Without the friends' posts that you have received, you would never reach the score you are at. Here's your chance to say a Big Thank You to all the fellow blogger friends who helped you by acknowledging your tags in their blog posts! We request you to write the name of your fellow friend blogger(s) and a thank you message for them as comments below!

    We start by thanking you all for your active participation in our P.A.U.S. Activity! It wouldn't have been successful without you all and your awesome posts! :)
  • I want to thank all my friends who supported in the activity. Sarav, Tarun, Ekta, Priyanka, Avadhoot, Knitha, Aditya, Khushboo, Uma. This activity sure gave me a few nice blogger friends... yep guys all of you!

    Sorry if i missed anyone.
  • I have a big list of friends to thank. Without them, I would not have enjoyed P.A.U.S or topped the list.

    Firstly, I would like to thank BlogAdda.com. I was able to overcome writer’s block and write fluently because of P.A.U.S activity :)

    Bloggers I want to thank - Aayu, Cifar, Thewhitescape and Sreeja for accepting all my tags, (Romba nallavangala pa, evalavu thadava tag pannalum accept pannanga) Heena, Priyanka, AP Sir, Simran, Sulaiman, Ekta, Vaisakhi, Uma, Anita, Nandini Garg, Anmol, Tarun, Preethi, Aditya, Afshan, Rat, Chinks Lounge, knita, Neo and Richa. All of you made P.A.U.S a memorable experience :)

    Thanks to my wife for supporting me, pushing me to write, placing bets if I would top or not each week and for helping me suggesting, which cartoons to use.

    I was unable to accept a couple of tags, I am sorry for that. Thank you all once again. Keep smiling. Looking forward to the results :)

    Someone is Special
  • There are so many people to thank. I was not willing to participate in this competition at first but then Anita asked me one day if I can accept a tag she had mentioned in her post. And thus came my first post. So thanks to her first of all. Who would have thought I will complete all the ten posts.

    Then there are so many people to thank and I hate this part just because I may miss a name and the person might feel bad. So my sincere apologies to all those person first. Saravana, Vaisakhi, Heena, Priyanka, Khushboo, Tarun, Preethi, Ruchita, Soumya, Ekta, The White Escape, Richa, Aditya and Neo Prady, you all accepted my tags and helped me in gaining so many points. Of course I was not able to revert back to all the tags and am really sorry for that as I could only write ten posts. So many other people tagged me as well and thanks to them also.

    Thanks to my friends who kept reading the posts and kept the enthusiasm alive.

    Thanks to all those who left their comments on my posts. It really means a lot.

    And now for the results, may the best posts win :)
    All the best everyone (y)
  • Thanks Sammyabrata, SomeoneSpecial & Anmol for mentioning my name here & for your support to me for PAUS.
    Thanks to all my friends who accepted my Tags. I got to be the weekly winner :)
    Thanks to all you wonderful folks and your lovely comments on each of the 17 Posts I wrote for PAUS.
    My name is not amongst the final winners, but this has been an enriching & enlightening experience.

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