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Technical aspects of blogging
  • Hi everybody!
    I've been blogging for almost 2 years now..but I'm still kinda a newbie as far as the technical aspects are concerned. I use 'Blogger' platform. I need information about technical jargon and similar stuff- html usage in pages, links to page from other sites, / trackback, increasing traffic, google adsense, etc etc.
    Can someone enlighten me? Please?
  • For blogger, you can follow this site where you can get all the above mentioned info - http://www.bloggersentral.com/

  • Very useful site :) Thanks!
  • @Persephone: Thanks for the tips on increasing traffic :) But as far as google adsense is concerned, I have an account but it was disabled a year ago for some reason..I'm unable to enable it...though I've tried many times and sent umpteen emails to the adsense support team
  • @gurlnextdoor23
    Its not very difficult to get a Google AdSense account. A blog having relatively good content with regular postings can get approval for an account. New bloggers can ideally wait 4-6 months to develop their sites before approaching Google for a new account.

    This program helps Google reach a wider audience for its advertisers. So it's beneficial to Google as well to get more publishers. Fraud activity like clicking on own ads is treated very seriously by Google and usually leads to suspension of the AdSense account. In such cases, sometimes even new account applications for the same website are rejected.
  • About adsense - I had it and like all new enthusiastic bloggers I asked my friends, family and their friends to click on those ads. But I think Google adsense tracks considers this to be a 'malpractice' resulting in withdrawl of the account. When you apply again (as a reformed blogger at a later time) it somehow refers to your previous 'misdeeds' and doesn't aceept you anymore. So do be a bit careful about asking friends to 'help you earn' :)
  • Best question and good answers that will help us,,,,,,,,,,, thanks Raindrop and all friends

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