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My Story, do you share the same.
  • While I was driving to my friend's bachelor party, traffic police stopped my car in a routine check. I thought it was going to be smooth as I've all the required documents in car, but sadly the police officer informed me that I've a pending traffic challan to be paid, I was like pending challan??? really??? when??? where??? and you can imagine what happened next…..

    It's an e-challan I received long back for violation of stop line at the signal lights. Its not that I forgot paying it, but I’m completely unaware of the e-challan they sent me via mail (Post Mail).

    I can guess what you might be thinking now, do I have a pending challan????? There is a website where you can check (for all the major cities & towns), but how often do you need to check?? and what if police officer stopped you in the mean time??

    It’s a sad story, but I wished someone sent me an SMS or a push notification as soon as I got the challan…… and found none doing it.

    So, I want to create a simple service which notify me via email or SMS as soon as I receive a traffic e-challan and with just tap of single button/SMS I can pay that F*king challan.

    Thus challanalert.co is launched, currently serving Hyderabad, VIjayawada & Bangalore.

    What's your story?

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