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How important is readership for a blog ?
  • In my personal opinion, anyone (particularly one with a publicly visible blog) that says, "I write for myself, I don't care about who reads" is lying. What do you think ?
  • @woodooz: You have raised a question which has many perceptions.

    Bloggers, do you write for yourself and don't mind if no one reads it, or do you write because you want to be read?
  • I started blogging as I wanted to share my pictures from my travels with a bigger group. Well it's been an ongoing process. Earlier I used to share on Orkut, then started sharing on Flickr where it was exposed to more photographers. Then I felt, I wanted a bigger audience and so started putting the pictures on a blog.
  • @remoonline Yeah... I am on your side when you say the objective of your blog was to share your works with a wider community... I have always had the inner desire to be read and I yearn for feedback and comments. And to a large extent, in my opinion, all works that are published in the "public domain" (not protected by passwords or require special invites) deserve to be read and are created solely for with that intent !
  • @Woodooz Completely agree with you.
  • Yes, a blog is about its audience too. It's a platform. It is not your personal secret diary for sure. But you cannot address it as a stage with millions of people sitting in the crowd because that takes away the ruminating, reflecting, musing part away. It leaves it as just an agenda driven speech. So, in my view the key is to write for an audience but to pretend as if you're talking to yourself (while making sense).
  • i think it depends on what you are writing too .. the subject of write up should be interesting for it to have an audience. If we have a whimper of a blog where you find space to rant out stuff or write about really in-perceptible abstract stuff, its definitely not something that can hold attention of ppl for long. Also i think its an art to make sense in less words. I have seen the really witty bloggers gaining a lot of traffic, but extracting humour out of everyday events is an art which comes to a few. At the same time i think best way to write personal stuff and for oneself is in diaries or making tonnes of drafts and never publishing them. Everyone who drops onto your blog space will have an opinion of it, whether you like it or not. So it does not matter who you write for, since once you publish it, its for everyone.
  • For me blogging has been like 'hugging a tree and telling/yelling your story to the breeze'. If it carries it to neighbouring habitation, great. If not then I am happy letting it out into the universe and moving on. But as per my observation, someone will always connect with you. Like my blog on sanskrit gems doesn't have a huge reader base but it has a niche reach and I see a lot of research students arriving there. Whereas 'Raindrop' is my main blog but the readership depends totally on the post. I would rather have few readers who come to Raindrop regularly and interact with me (I do likewise when I visit their blogs) than have the numbers who passby without reading the whole post.
  • @raindrop: For me blogging has been like 'hugging a tree and telling/yelling your story to the breeze'. - What a nice way to describe blogging! :) Can you share the URL of your Sanskrit gems blog?

    When you talk about readers who pass by and don't leave comments, do you feel Facebook and Twitter play a good role in that? Like for example, when a reader reads your post, but doesn't leave a comment, instead he/she clicks the like/tweet button at the end of your post. Does that still gratify you? Other's can respond as well to this question.
  • Facebook helps but twitter hasn't been of any help as far as readership is concerned. Facebook tells your friends whenever a new post is up and they either like it or leave a comment. But those numbers are negligible as compared to the traffic generated by sharing your blog with Blog portals like Blogadda/Indiblogger or competing in Television blogging competitions like Blogmazha by Star Mazha channel etc. People who search for a particular query and land up on your blog purely because of the content is also a fair and easy source of traffic (for. eg my post of 'ads released on 15 August 1947' has directed many a people to the blog via google and other search engines.)

    My sanskrit gems blog is called 'Ancients Classics'

    Byond a point, the gratification is more in terms of meeting new like minded people, discovering new styles and sharing each other's blogs than one's own friends commenting or liking your post.
  • @teamblogadda, When I post a blog post link on Facebook and lets say I get a like. I have seen instances where for that particular like, I don't see corresponding hit in my blog. So, it becomes a typical case of someone liking without even checking the actual post. That said, a facebook like also means that the particular message gets visibility amongs the friends of the "liker" and so am happy. But eventually, if my blog post does not generate a comment in the blog, to me it is an indication of the post not being compelling enough. A blog visitor is also going to judge a post based on the number of comments and so it is an important factor. It does not match a facebook like / comment because those updates get lost in the wall in due course.

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