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Let us discuss a book character.
  • Most bloggers are also avid readers...
    I love to read myself...so i was thinking of discussing the characters that fascinate us.
    So let me get the ball rolling...
    For me one of the most fascinating characters is Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
    This is supposed to be a children's book, but Mr. Wonka definitely has a dark side.
  • Hi :)
    I like the character of Draupadi in 'Yajnaseni' by Pratibha Ray orginally written in Oriya. It deals with the socio-political thread that runs through Mahabharat through her eyes and sensitively brings out the gender dynamics of that time.

    The way it is woven, it seamlessly appears believable because somewhere deep down we can relate with the human depiction of her spiritual fascination with Lord Krishna, jealousy for Subhadra and Hidimba, sympathy for Karna, restrained respect for Kunti, dealing with five husbands who have difficult natures to please; anguish, helplessness and a quiet submission to fate despite having been a firebrand princess who doesn't hesitate to state the truth.
  • wow...that sounds so interesting....human nature sure does have unknown depths of intricacies!
  • Another character that I really love is Karla from Shantaram! She is so complex and mysterious. She is quirky, mesmerizing and to contradict all this she is caring and vulnerable to fall in love. Just beautifully etched.
  • @Sheetalp Karla was truly mysterious. Have your read 'The Mafia Queens of Mumbai'?
  • @TeamBlogAdda noI haven't...is it good??
    I will definitely give it a try..
  • @sheetalp An awesome book. Must read. If you want, you can read the review on my blog. That'll help you decide. @TeamBlogAdda

  • I loved the character of Emma Morley in the book One Day, by David Nicholls. She is one of the wittiest and charming-est characters I've ever seen. From start till end(when she dies), she is full of hope and love and dreams. I don't think I've ever cried for any other character ever. When I read the book, I secretly wished if I could become like her.
  • @Sheetalp...Willy Wonka is definitely a fabulous character. Somehow I find him weird in a very funny yet intelligent way, not to forget his idiosyncrasies.

    My favorite character would be Scarlet O'Hara from Gone With The Wind. She is caring, headstrong, scheming, sometimes practical. I mean a person who displays so many types of human characteristics. Simply amazing.

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