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Epic speculation
  • Hello All! Am new here. I don't blog but I do write...fiction, novels...well, two novels so far. But that isn't what this post is about. I have always found India's mythology fascinating. I'm sure most of you do too. What I am wondering is if you'll too wonder about it like I do.
    Was Ram right in leaving Sita?
    How can Kunti be a good mother when she abandoned her son?
    What does Devlok look like?
    What does Narak look like?
    You get my drift...
    So the questions really are...
    What if Ram had not left Sita?
    Kunti could not have been a good mother because under no circumstances does a good mother abandon her child, right?
    Does Devlok have streets? And what could they be made of?
    How hot is Narak, if its hot at all?
  • Hi Quill. Welcome to the discussion forum :)
    Your questions are very interesting have answers which could be funnily imaginitive or a bit tangential. Which kinds are you looking for? For. eg. Ram and Kunti questions seem like they are looking for serious answers and Devlok/Narak questions just fuelled my 'inception (the movie)' like architectural instincts. Could you be a bit specific about the road map of this discussion thread?
  • Thank you, Raindrop!
    They are interesting, right? I would love tangential answers that are funny and imaginative. Most of all I want truthful answers. I find that a lot of times when I ask such questions, people get offended. My questions are not meant in offense. I mean only to understand our psyches.

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