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Do you think buying expensive clothes for kids is a dumb idea?
  • Most moms I know get super excited about dressing up their little ones in dungarees or tutu skirts. Cute, no? Mothers love recording their baby’s’ milestones and in doing so they tend to buy a gazillion dresses for their fast-growing kids. Call it a social media pressure or just the love of parents, that even a new born kid ends up having a dedicated wardrobe for himself.

    Checkout my views at https://thechampatree.in/2017/05/13/why-buying-expensive-clothes-for-kids/

    What are your thoughts?
  • Hi Vaishali... I dont think its a dumb idea, but spending just for the sake of spending is surely dumb. Kids outgrow clothes super fast, but isnt dressing them up a projection of yourself. I believe just as we cannot splurge everyday on ourselves, so too for kids spend when it seems its good for them. Also yes why shudnt they have a dedicated wardrobe? they are individuals & ones which such strong personalities, like my son is a jeans fan & he is only 2.8 :p

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