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Sid Khullar's Open Kitchen: Food Blogging Queries Answered
  • hi sid!!

    I have really got into cooking and baking for the last one and half years!!

    Want to know some good places to get baking stuff in delhi..have already been to INA and liked it...and now want to know some more places..
  • Hi Sid! What's cooking in this country?
  • Hi! Sid. I enjoy cooking and experimenting mainly because I am too used to great food with my Mom and Grandmom being fabulously creative cooks. The one thing though, I would love to do is bake. I have a microwave oven, which I use, like any typical South Indian - to just reheat stuff. But each time I see an exciting dish and check out the recipe, I feel sad when it says "Preheat oven to...blah blah" because it is "boo hoo, sniff sniff" for me.

    I want advice choosing an oven where I can bake all sorts of exotic things - I have a long list of recipes I am just dying to try. What oven do you recommend? Is it a good idea to buy an OTG? If yes, which?
  • thanks sid!!

    I have already been to Malviya Nagar with another lovely food blogger Sangeeta Khanna and i really liked it...will check the other places too.

  • Lolz on uspandy's question :-)

    Now that I cook and blog about it, I would like to know how to monetize the blogs, if that is a good possibility in India. Adsense brings peanuts..err..no Sesame :-)
  • Hi Sid!! I'm always amazed by the photographs on all the great food blogs out there. Do you have any tips on food photography with a simple digital camera?

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