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What is the most challenging aspect for any travel blogger to stay in their business?
  • How does a travel blogger continue traveling and blogging full-time?

    Is the earning out of blogging enough or is this just part-time venture?

    Where and how do the travel blogger's fund themselves for continued traveling?
  • Traveling is expensive and if travel blog is your only source of income , you will need to establish a niche before your start travelling full time. you need to keep it interesting , new and different from run of the mill articles . Holding your audience and continue serving new stories about old paths or anecdotes from unexplored paths is not easy.

    Ideally, it will be easier if you could get affiliated or sponsored . Alternatively , have another source of permanent income or learn how to work on the go.
  • Hello Amy

    I started off this research a while ago, almost two years now and I wrote a small ebook on earning and traveling with miles by converting your routine expenses into miles.

    I am sharing it as a separate thread. Maybe, you can find something useful out of it. Do let me know about it.

    Here's a link for you though.


    Thanks a lot
    Rajat chakraborty

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