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Eyes Of Love
  • A feeling of chromatising insanity, ferocious responsibility, eternal aromaticity, self-broad defined poetry, it's been called as a four word abbreviation, it's protruded as LOVE.

    For the mortals and the immortals, the mighty and the lay man, for the rich and the poor, for the haves and the have-nots, love is one such drug that addicts without being seen the aforeseen, without being judged and across the boundaries of the common eyes.

    Love is a feeling that is not perhaps given but henceforth accepted. It merely imparts in a person a vision to see the good’s and the bad’s of the opposite soul. The soul called for, can be anyone who feels that the self is co-related across the boundaries of a bridge that connects horizon to eternity. It can be felt for a person, blood related or even for a person met during the reign of the lifetime. It can be felt for even a friend or a person whom you spend your lifetime with. Love is one such medicine that heals the deepest of the wounds upon just a simple buttery application.

    It's not always given, a human requires love too. There shouldn't be a deficiency, else it creates space for a devil to plant its home. A person who is loved shares love, a soul which shares love is gifted love.

    It's always on the beeds of your heart to procrastinate love and hence bring humanity to a die heart situation. Taste buds require all the essence to experience life, similarly every human soul requires love, be it a beggar or a multimillionaire. Differentiation of the amount of love can destroy the masses, create places for thievery, poverty, terrorism and other breath taking activities. Making a point and loving the lined should be knotted upon. Loving someone soully is much more important than loving someone out of the amount of money it sustains, or the metric level of beauty that glamour around the masses or out of a certain graduation of human meanic nature.

    Craving desire of unidentified love, imparts a living ambition in a dying soul. Lives are saved, dead’s are given a soul only with a sweet desire of falling love. Scarcity ignites the blood and leaves it just with a spark, hence cold, pale and yet to die an early death.

    Life is just a path created by god to love humanity, cherish the nature, love the self and achieve knowledge for optimum success before a soul departs. It's better to take a new path of life with a new blonde thinking and set a trail. No one ever fails, the failure teaches a person to win, desires impart the ambition to achieve, aims moralizes the soul to attain the affirm level while love imparts an overall internal support morally and emotionally.

    It's like tea added to sugar, salt to the bread or oil to your body. Love nourishes and prevents heart to malnutritionalise. There is neither any expenditure involved nor any saving. It's just a feeling that imparts a moral astonishing support that says to the self, well if something happens, be it good or bad, ''I am there for you.'' It's not always said between the two, well it's that drug which is merely accepted and felt felicitatedy.

    Life would be a complete nightmare without love. Our body has sense organs to feel, heart has only one organ, its eternal and always internal, it's only Love. It is one such bridge that connects without being seen, it's one such breed that never existed and won't ever exist. It's not another human but a soul that is forever present in the ambience of the nature and ascertains life and makes it bliss.

    The mighty created just one soul, which had 4 eyes, 4 hands and 4 legs, a heart and 2 brains. Fearing the enormous power, it left the muddy body out two and left the one for the search for the other.

    Soul never departs and humanity is forever protected by the powers of the divinity. God should hence be respected, souls alive should be loved and life should be led in a way that let's one reach the henceforth decisive planet, the God's endeavour and a home for the lots.

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