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Book Discussion: The Taj Conspiracy
  • Like solving conspiracies? We have one such conspiracy waiting to be solved at your Adda. Converse with the author of 'The Taj Conspiracy', Manreet Sodhi Someshwar and talk to her on anything & everything about the book.
  • hi, i am going to start reading ur book today.. but before that i wanted to know what made u write this book.. before reading, i have so many questions in my mind.. am i going to find detailed note on mughal architecture, culture people? talk about the religious conflict of those time.. and many more.. since its my favorite topic, related to mughal architecture, i picked up.. i am hoping to discover more, and hope to get answers to my own doubts on Taj.. will get back once i finish the book.
  • Excellent first book of the series. I was pleasantly surprised to read the book; overall, I found it to be a very fast paced and brilliant book. Eagerly waiting for the next one...

    For those who have read it, it is not an Indian Da Vinci. It is a fresh story in its own merit. A superb clean book.
  • Hi Ashreyamom,

    Apologies for this late reply but I am vacationing at the other side of the globe with a 12 hour time difference. I thought this Hindu article would answer some of your questions as to the genesis of The Taj Conspiracy http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-metroplus/article3607844.ece

  • Hi Vishal,

    Thank you! Read your blog as well :) Will answer some of the interesting questions you've raised on my return from vacation.


  • Thanks Manreet...

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