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  • Rather than logging using my personal FB account, is there a way to post comments using my Facebook fan page ?
  • @Woodooz There is currently no such option available.
  • That's it? I was expecting a loooooooooong list! :D
  • @abhyu00 :) It is good to be simple. Makes it easy.
  • oh one more query, is there any way to set notifications... When there is a post to a discussion I have contributed or bookmarked, can I be sent an email. Ofcourse with the option to turn off notifications !
  • Oh yes, there is a way to set notifications. Click on your name that you see besides the sign out option after you have logged in. After you've clicked, you'll see a link called 'My Preferences', click on that to set notifications. :)
  • Thanks for all this admin
  • I would happily follow these rules.

    After all you need to keep it simple, silly :D

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