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What strategies do you use to promote your blog?
  • Blogs are often read by online viewers but few people use offline ways for their blog promotion. Do You promote your blog? If yes, Whats your most successful tip?
  • my friends circle are people who are all glued to computers, but busy enough to take time to visit & read my blog although they love a couple of posts they found time to read them. So hardly any regular readers. recently created FB page...should see now any improvement in my readers list. Anyway i think write good content posts, so that when you do advertise about your blog they must really feel good enough to read to revisit to read again. improve you writing in all ways then the viewers will come automatically.
  • The funniest thing is, I've over 450 fb friends but barring one or two, none of them is a regular reader of my blogs.

    I have signed up on blogadda and indiblogger where I post the links for my new posts.
    I post a link on fb and twitter as soon as I write a new post. And post a replug on twitter, the next day.
    That is the only direct strategy I employed to promote my blog.

    Other than that, I, now and then comment on the blogs that I read regularly. which also is indirect means of promotion, but the traffic arising from comments is very less.
  • Facebook, Blogadda, Indiblogger, Twitter, Google +.. thats it for me :)

    And my personal mails have a link to the site at the end
  • Oh yes, and as u said, comment on others posts.. they will come back once in awhile
  • as I see most of my traffice comes from disqus as I comment on many sites and articles and the next is google search. I don't quiet promote it as such and only mention on facebook, twitter and on indivine of indiblogger when I make a new post. I'm new here so don't quiet know how blogadda fully works. And yeah my email sig has my blog link
  • Hey, yes that's true I too share my new posts on blogadda and indiblogger. Is there any way I can get a review of my Film & Fashion blog ?
  • Social Media: facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin
    Other Platforms: tumblr, scribd, slideshare
    Blogging network: indiblogger, blogadda
  • unfortunately, I don't want to use FB, twitter or Google+ as I don't think they are the real people who would appreciate my blog. I want people who are genuine and will like my posts. So any other way I can promote my blog?
  • well you can visit this page http://blogoola.com/blog/101-free-ways-to-promote-blogs/.its kinda good i tried some methods and whatsmore they r free (well most of them):D
  • Submitting your sites to directory's,bookmarking sites,feed aggregator sites,and connnecting with other people by social networking sites are the best way to promote besides using seo strategies.

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