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  • Name: Ashish Joshi
    Blog URL: http://www.usemylenses.com/
    Interests: Cartooning, Reading, Travelling
    What are you looking for: Blogger friends
    Favourite Quote: Be accomplished before becoming ambitious
  • Name : Pradeep P
    Blog url :http://neoimaginations.blogspot.in/
    Interests :Writing,reading,Photography and travelling.
    What are you looking for: Serving each other with our blogs and sharing our views.
    Favourite Quote: For every sadness i have a million ways to fashion my happiness.
  • name:Tina
    blog url:http://rosebluegrace.blogspot.in/
    interests:books, soaps, other blogs, lifestyle,creativity, travelling
    what are you looking for: some blogger friends since i'm a new blogger( this march)
    favorite quote:"I was born with a reading list i'll never finish".
    "Facing it, always facing it, that's the way to get through. Face it."
  • Name : Techgredients - never stop exploring
    Blog URL : http://www.techgredients.com
    Interests : techgredients, technology, android, ios, apple, samsung, ios, microsoft, windows, lumia, blog, technical, community, iphone, ipad, tab, tablet
    Description : An online place to know the latest happenings on Technologies. Are you sure you are aware of all those things that you are using as a mark of technology ? The most happening things on apps, apple inc., iphone, android OS and much more will be covered.
  • Name: Neelam Dadhwal
    Blog URL: http://neelamhere.wordpress.com
    Interests: Blogging, Reading, Gardening
    What are you looking for: Good blogs and friends
    Favourite Quote: Perfection is to be imperfect because perception keeps on changing with time.
  • My blog url has some changes.This is my blog as for now.http://periodicalgazette.blogspot.in/.So Feel free to join my blog.I'll return the same favor.bye friendz....
  • Name: Deepika Muthusamy
    Blog URL:http://deepikamuthusamy.blogspot.in/
    Interests: Travel, Swimming, Dance
    What are you looking for: Networking with other bloggers
    Favorite Quote: you have come this far, so dont give up
  • Name: Jugal Shah
    Blog URL: www.ultimatemarketer.wordpress.com
    Interests: marketing, strategy, sales
    What are you looking for: insightful interaction and networking
    Favourite Quote: It changes quite often, so let me put my current favorite quote,
    "Unless you believe, you shall not understand."
  • Name: C.G.Balasubramanian
    Blog url: http://madscribble.blogspot.in/
    Interest: Little blogging and more reading.
    Favorite quote:

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