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Do you think commenting under an obligation is a good practice?
  • Sometimes you like a blog and comment on it. You keep going back because you love what the author writes and you keep commenting but that author is not regular on your blog and comments rarely, probably because he does not find your blog interesting. Some bloggers find this offensive and rude. Do you think you will feel offended if that happens to you? Do you think blogging is about reading and writing what you like and not you-scratch-my-back-i'll-scratch-yours?
  • It is an often discussed topic. It depends on the genre. For bloggers writing light humor, travel and technology, they are experts in the field and you need to visit them for the knowledge and you might have nothing to give back. So you can't expect them to visit. But for poetry and fiction, the competition is not just other bloggers but best selling literature from the last 200 years. So only way to gain an edge is by forming personal relationship with readers by visiting their blog. Don't know about the dynamics of news and current affairs. I anyways don't like that topic though sometimes I write on such topics. If I could, I would even stop buying newspapers at home.
  • Well, I think there is a lot of humor in news nowadays. :)
    Somehow I do not agree what you said about the light humor blogs. I think they are the easiest to comment on.
    Also, sometimes you start visiting a lot of blogs to create an initial reader base and then after a point it becomes difficult to manage. Then you start reducing your commenting which creates a tension between you and your readers. Happened with me.
  • What I meant is you visit light humor, travel and technology blogs for their own sake without needing to form a relationship with the blogger or wanting blogger to come back to you. But if a story or poetry blogger does not come back to you, you begin to think your time is better spent reading Tolkien or Jane Austen or Wordsworth rather than this random blogger.
  • I think it's fine for new blogs, as they need some exposure to their content. It is also fine for 'creative bloggers' as there is little chance that they will be found through search engines. Partnerships with other like-minded creative bloggers will help both.

    But I don't see a point of doing this in a niche-specific blog. Like technology, news, etc. These blogs tend to receive a fair amount of traffic from the search engines and if people like it, they will comment anyway.

    If you look at some of the most popular blogs (even creative ones) they do not follow the you-comment-i-comment-back policy. Till one gets there, this strategy might be useful.

    But I don't see anything wrong with it, except if a blogger gets unduly praised. Unfortunately, it happens.
  • Is anyone under obligation to comment? Please enlighten me

  • I would feel a fraud if I said something on someone's post for a return comment on mine. By the same token I know it is good for blogging networks to have everyone write one post a week but that, too, is an obligation and an overcrowding of cyberspace with, more often than not, repetitions. I'd rather write something if I feel strongly about it. What matter if it is once a week, once a day or once every month?

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