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How comfortable are you with letting your family read your personal blogposts?
  • From my heart I am not that comfortable with the idea of close family members reading my blog.

    My blog is all blabber and nothing serious, but the thought that occupies my head while I type away my ideas actually steal the essence of my writing. The reminder that keeps ticking disturbs the smooth and serene flow of original thoughts, only to make it a bit fake just to suit the tastes and orthodox outlook of certain relatives among whom my blog is like a window to my living room. Also not to mention some relatives cracking stale jokes at family functions, and requesting sarcastically not to quote that in my next update. Well.. that is the most irritating part. There are also some incidents and experiences, some bitter others funny, that I couldn't post even though I desperately wanted to, taking into consideration the feelings and right to freedom of people involved in them, who closely follow my blog. This is why I am seriously thinking of starting another blog, this time anonymous.
  • I totally understand what you mean, Anita. The creative freedom in presenting an anecdote gets totally lost when the thought arises "Oh wait, he/she is going to read this and I have to face him/her tomorrow when they come home."

    Same issue with our own personal beliefs and those that may be more orthodox at home ( or vice versa ). It isn't just about changing a name in the blogpost, is it ? You have to change your way of describing the event, taking into account how they would feel when they read it.

    Do you think a new blog for personal opinions and incidents, away from their eyes, is a necessity, because of that ?

  • I have to agree with Anita. I am not comfortable with my immediate family reading my blog. Its that on the blog you are free to express your opinion regardless of your age, region or religion. You can be yourself and voice out your opinion. . Which may not be always possible outside.
  • I know what you mean, Rohan. Even I barely tell my mother about my recent articles... or any articles for that matter. And this is after 7 years of blogging. :)

    As you said, while blogging, I blog as an individual with my own opinions. I don't have to tow the family's set beliefs of any issue - be it communal, religious or any other matter. That individuality means a lot to me.
  • I am not comfortable with my family or friends knowing about my innermost feelings- the reasons my posts have become increasingly impersonal- maybe that has changed the personality of my blog too (The Variegated Sky, started in May 2005) , but I guess it is alright. I vent out in my private blog, and write down the most mundane things there. I feel the transformation is quite natural and inevitable in some cases.
  • I am totally fine, if my family reads my blog posts. There have been complaints, when I have shared too much, but I take criticism and negative remarks in my stride. My mother-in-law reads my posts quite regularly. If the whole world can read what I write, then why not my family. My husband is my biggest support and critic.

    I am who I am...like me or hate me, I am not scared nor ashamed.

    My blog has my thoughts and my views and if people don't like it, they can stop reading :) That is my motto.
  • Hmm to think, a blogger should not consider anything else apart from their own apprehensions and opinions while writing a post. That is what the blog is all about. But I am too cowardly to be like that or to use real names or quote real incidents without fabricating them , because I wouldn't be pleased if another person writes about something I did, citing my real name in his/her blog. It is something about respecting the freedom and rights of people I believe.

    Secondly I can voice my opinion about topics, current affairs , celebrities etc without bothering about my Papa reading it. However I stay away from sensitive topics and stuff that mostly relates to 'mutual friends' and 'people you may know' according to facebook terms :)
  • To begin with I was a bit apprehensive. But now I am comfortable with my close family reading my posts. As a matter of fact, both my husband and son read my blog regularly. Some other friends and family members have told me that they read my posts too. So, I am careful about not mentioning anything overtly personal.
  • The blog has always been a place for me to just unwind and let my creativity flow. My folks back home do know I blog, but then I have tried my best to shield them away from it for the obvious reason that they might get a little too obtrusive on the inspiration behind the contents. They might relate to some of the writings and might end up becoming judgmental . I have had some close friends act a little probing on my blog, so this remains a serious apprehension! I wouldn't want any limitations on what I write.
  • I have been wanting the family to come and read.......everybody, anybody......come and at least see what I do. Fortunately daughter and sister are so supportive. Niece and sister-in-law also drop in time to time. Husband is waiting for me to make big bucks so that he can retire. Daddy on the other hand was asking if I can buy the book for him where I've written. My mom is still upset that I don't cook. Yeah.....so now you know why I have to blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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