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How comfortable are you with letting your family read your personal blogposts?
  • @Aparna, I too had started off in my first year with a lot of personal posts. Back then, noone seemed likely to read my posts from anywhere, leave alone my family.

    But as I realised that my family / neighbours / relatives may read my posts, I too toned down the personal aspect of the posts and their relation to family events.
  • @LazyPineapple, I know the feeling of having people close to you criticize you for sharing too much or things which they feel may put them in a bad light.
    What you say is true and its a state we all need to reach - to be able to share our blogosphere with our family. :)
  • Anita, your first line sums up the problem :) The blog is supposed to give us a lifeline to be free with our opinions to an outside world.

    Even with regard to sensitive topics or people you knew - I know I have gotten away by just writing a different name/initial and going with the faith that the person probably would never read my blog :D

    Rachnapa, I think my graph has gone in the reverse direction as yours :) I started off with a lot of personal posts involving near and dear ones... now, I have turned from Sehwag to Dravid, I feel - mthe personal posts are still there but I am very conscious of my surroundings and how much I want to reveal. I'm actually okay with revealing my own personal feelings - but I don't want to reveal incidents involving them which they may take in the wrong spirit.

    Indu, I know the feelings. While I was doing my post graduation, I must have written 100s of posts, attended blogger meets and made lots of blogger pals in the city. But in the hospital I studied and worked, only 1 staff member knew of the existence of this blog. It just felt better that way.
    You raised a very valid point - judgement on 'what the inspiration behind the post' was...
  • my cousins are the only relatives who know that I own a blog and that I write regularly.
    Other relatives, though active on social networks, are completely ignorant of the existence of my blog. Though I did send (some of) them links many a times to visit and read, they never do. they are more happy being on facebook and tagging pics and sharing random picturised quotes! ;)

    In a way, I'm actually happy that they don't read because I mostly write about relationships and if they happen to read, they'll immediately ask me if my blog is auto-biographical. (It isn't!) But, you know typical-Indian-middle-class-mentality. They'd draw their conclusions based on some baseless points and it'd lead to chaos.

    My cousins are all fine and they do appreciate that I dabble in some kind of an art! :)
  • @Blogwati, haha.. hilarious. The absolute other end of the spectrum :D

    You're trying to get them online at gunpoint and still struggling at it, while I'm busy changing the browser page when they walk into the room, as though it were a naughty site !
  • Jigar, Indu just raised that point and it's a very important point in this discussion, I feel... when our relatives/family read our personal posts based on feelings ( be it yearning/love/loss/hate ), they naturally assume its based on reality. It may or may not be, but it can lead to certain chaos and curb creativity in a big way.
  • yeah, right.
    Precisely for the same reason, I'm happy that all the elderly relatives don't read my blog. And also am happy that all my cousins read every post of mine! :)

    Because, blogging, at-least for me, is just another form of nurturing my writing. My cousins appreciate the writing and my relatives would be focusing more on content than the style of writing.
  • I never had/have any issues with my family or close relatives reading my posts, but it did create a mess when my mother started getting phone calls every time I write anything controversial or objectionable. As my mother was cool about my writing, it didn't do much harm.
  • Jigar, well said. Even within relatives, the focus would shift - some would appreciate the style of a thriller while others may see it as you informing them you're gonna kill someone :D
  • @Bhavia, good for you. My family doesn't read my posts I know, but others who do so, tend to call and inform them... with varying reactions. I have toned down a lot, I would say.

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