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How comfortable are you with letting your family read your personal blogposts?
  • My father reads my blog and so does my sis and wife. I was a bit uncomfortable initially but after we had a few discussions it was all very cool. I think it comes down to the topics you blog about and how open is the atmosphere in your family is.
  • I have absolutely no issue with anyone reading my blogposts. Infact, if there is something I cannot express personally, it's easier for me to do it through my blog. I force my friends and husband read the blog. I'm sure some extended family members spy as well. My sister-in-law is a regular visitor. It's good to know that they know me through and through even if its through my blog.

    I read once - live your life in a way so that you don't have to hide your diary. I'm trying to do just that!
  • Amit, its great to hear, especially in your case. Yours is a brilliant blog with lots of sensible broadminded views which may not gel with more conservative minded people. It's heartening to know that your family is openminded and cool with it.

    Can you think of any incidence where the reverse occurred - you found yourself having to defend a post because a family member disagreed with it on principle ?
  • Nisha, your last lines are what most of us try to achieve. We just don't get the right balance, I guess. In some ways, blogging is a diary we want to share with some, but not all, of the world. It's just a matter of who all...
    I know I force many of my friends to read my blog :) But family members ... not so much.
  • This is actually tricky. If you keep your friends and family out, you limit your readership. At the same time if you let them in, that limits the freedom you enjoy in writing about real life situations. Anyways I have moved away from writing about real life. So it is not much of a problem for me any more. Right from beginning I wanted my friends in. Father discovered my blog when he joined Facebook. This has both positive and negative sides. He goes around trying to make relatives read my blog as well. But he is very conservative and faint hearted and at times tells me I should not have touched certain topics. And at times if I have done too many posts, warns me that I should concentrate more on my job.
  • That really is a double edged sword. On one side, he is proud of it and wants everyone to see it, while on the other hand, the 'parent' in him wants to take over.
    Regarding the 'concentrate on your job' bit, as a doctor, I still make time in my leisure hours to blog. Do you ever feel its unjust to be told you aren't concentrating on work, just because your colleagues/parents see one too many posts in your blog ?
  • @RoshanR - I myself am not sure. Because beyond a certain point in career, you have certain amount of freedom and your responsibilities are not well defined. So you set your own limit on how much or how little you want to do and only end of the year, you are assessed against your colleagues on what they achieved versus what you achieved. So one is never sure how much work is enough. And then family also feels more time can be felt on helping out with household activities and some outdoor hobby that would do good for my health.
  • I do not mind anybody - be it distant or near friends or relatives reading my blogs, posts or comments on any social media channel.

    I realise that the purpose of social media is to network where your option to filter audience is very minimum. And obviously, every social media user will apply his mind and little common sense before posting anything out there. And, if you are very secretive, perhaps, it is better to move to emails or personal messages.

    And personally, I don't care of what people think of me because I am what I am! :)
  • @The_Fool, true. I always figure we do need a bit of time to pursue our own interests. Those at home will crib because they see us going n coming back from work - those at work are bugged because we don't stay overtime and rush back home. In between all this, where is the time just for ourselves and a few pensive minutes spent - be it reading/blogging/any hobby ?
  • @Shalini, if you see my earlier posts (till maybe 2009-10), its been more open and personal. As you said, the purpose is to network and I've been lucky that way, making some really good friends. But along with the roses comes a few thorns as well.

    While they are aware such a thing as my blog exists, my parents never go checking the internet. But when others call and inform them that their son has written so and so about so and so, well.. it can lead to some interesting conversations :)

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