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How comfortable are you with letting your family read your personal blogposts?
  • Even when you take a creative freedom some might think it happened in real. . Some of my friends were convinced that many of the stories I wrote actually happened coz theycan connect to the places i mention. .
  • In my immediate family there are 3 more people, spouse and 2 adult kids. (I am 63). The two kids have their own special interest blogs, viz photography and cricket resp. I blog on everything. And the spouse never reads any of anybody's blogs, even if the system hangs while the screen shows that page. :-)

    I know lots of extended family read these blogs. And all of us are OK with it. While u cant go wrong , really in photography and cricket, I have learnt to write , staying in the middle of the road , so to speak.

    I wish they had blogging when I was your age. :-)
  • @Corinne, I never had to change the gender yet.. but definitely have changed a few initials and details when its been personal posts. At some level, how can you avoid it entirely when its a personal blog ?
  • @Rohan, exactly. I remember writing a love story years back... I got flooded with comments telling giving me advice on how to carry on with the love or get over it. Noone seemed to see it as a fictional tale. I wonder why noone thought that when I wrote murder stories though :D
  • @Suranga, glad to hear that. I know a few personally whose spouses never go their blog..lack of interest in their case, even though the bloggers are quite happy that way too. And yes, while its okay when it comes to cookery/sports/photography... the moment the issue becomes a little closer to home ( love/relations/even religion), you're walking on thin ice, I find it.

    I can understand the feeling of the last line. I watch 4 year olds today play with iphones as though they were born with them. I wonder what I can look forward to 'wishing for' a decade down the line :)
  • It doesn't matter to me if my family reads what i write. Sometimes i really want them to read what i write. I find blogging an easy way to convey what i want to, to my family and the world at large. Instead of indulging in face2face verbal exchanges 1 can always communicate with a related write-up.

    However, if you fear to do so, start up with an anonymous blog. Share articles on social network with your real name and show as if its written by some1 else. Relate the write-up with your story.

    Be it anything, but don't stop blogging. I have seen many bloggers who have quit blogging with the fear of sharing the truth on their blog.
  • @Roshan,
    Yes, I have discussions with my father about a few topics I had written about. He got my point after a while although I know he does not completely agree with me at times because it is not easy to bridge a generation gap so easily. :)
  • Bijoymomaya, that last bit is sadly true. I have seen some really good blogs suddenly disappear. In every case, it was related to a recent post that rubbed someone close a wrong way - the end result was that they decided to close down the blog.

    Your idea of supporting the 'anonymous blog' thats actually not bad at all. It would really work well :)
  • @amit, True. There will always be a difference of values across generations no matter what - in the end the key is how accepting they are of your views.
  • Family... I do not think so... I use my posts as a medium to express those thoughts which I wouldn't otherwise express in front of my family... thoughts which might not be taken in the right sense when it comes to your family.. but friends yes... they tend to relate to what you talk/say... so why restrict yourself with a family audience around you.. when you can talk your mind out there for a group of strangers and your own set of friends who wouldn't try to sit down and read between the lines and then pondering over it???

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