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How comfortable are you with letting your family read your personal blogposts?
  • I know the feeling, Meety.. sometimes even the best thoughts that you may pen down would be taken in an entirely different view by parents and nosy relatives. Your creativity would get stifled by silly misunderstandings and a difference of opinion.
    It truly is easier to talk to strangers sometimes than share with our own near and dear ones...
  • There was this one girl in school who made an issue with me because I wrote a story in first person. She was asking me how could I write that I did such things. . (Things the protagonist did) The creative freedom can be severely compromised in many cases. And it is not just parents or immediate family, they'll probably accept you as it is but it is the noisy relatives who blows it out of proportion. I was promoting a flash dance video in my fb profile and one of my aunt apparently saw me dancing in it and felt the need to tell my mom. Nothing happened after that. But from then I blocked all of them out. .
  • perfect example Rohan.. sometimes even though our parents may be okay with it, they too become caught up when nosy parkers come complaining to them that their child is writing this particular personal incident/fictional love story so maybe you should be careful. It's an online version of 'I saw her walking in the street with a guy. Be careful of her.Kids these days....'
  • Hi Doc.... you know, I am very comfortable with certain people in my immediate family reading the blogs. And ofcourse there are others who I am not so comfortable sharing with. Husband is another story all together - he has to be forced at gun point to read anything I write - so I guess the writers' freedom comes naturally to me ;-) !
  • Meena, Thats the funny part. There are some people you would really like within your family to be a part of your blogosphere and they JUST DONT CARE !! :) That's the other end of the spectrum...
  • I find comments about bloggers wishing to keep their blog away from the eyes of family members funny. Once written and published, a blog gets into the public domain and is available for all to read. Personally, i yearn for my family members to read my blogs and comment on them.

  • Francis, I get your point. But that's just the point - sometimes there are things you want to express, but you aren't comfortable with your immediate family knowing it - it maybe a personal matter or a hope/desire. And yes, the paradox is obvious - by releasing it to the world, how is it away from family. But not everyones family checks/is aware of the blogs. Thats why the opinions go to both corners
  • Hey Roshan: I appreciate your response, but am still amused at your submission "sometimes there are things you want to express, but you aren't comfortable with your immediate family knowing it - it maybe a personal matter or a hope/desire". Why blog about an expression you aren't comfortable with the immediate family knowing it and the rest of the world getting to read them, including your friends and eventually the message (expression) reaching the family through others. Better still, why not hide/bury such expression in an email an save it as draft?
  • But thats just it - everyone's parents dont go snooping through the net - I know my parents are least bothered to come online, let alone hunt for what I write. It gives me the freedom to express myself to the world and find a like-minded populous in the blogosphere. Writing as an email and saving as a draft is akin to a diary, isn't it ? This isn't a diary - its a part of our lives we are willing to share with people we believe would care to hear us and our opinions.
  • Initially when I started blogging I went crazy for attention. Constantly spamming my Facebook with links. I told my family as well about the blog. As they weren't much of "surfing-people" they never cared to ask me my URL.

    Over time I realized my friends who got to know about the blog through FB weren't worthy enough to be let in something where I was so vocal about how I felt. As my blog deals with rants and stuff I have a strong opinion about I was often judged. Some were even dumb enough to believe fiction as the truth. Considering that my family is even more of a judging group, I am really glad that they didn't show interest at first. Changing my URL saved me from weird friends and as for my family whenever they ask what and where my blog is, I simply say that it was just a phase I deleted it long ago.

    For me my virtual self will always remain a secret. LESSON LEARNT!

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