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How comfortable are you with letting your family read your personal blogposts?
  • @NehaSharma, I guess I still have to reach that balance. My parents behaviour mirrors your own... so Im glad they arent the net surfing type either...as for friends, after awhile, gave up on having to justify what is fact and what is fiction
  • I like my husband reading my blog. Book reviews don't matter, but general post do. They speak a bit of me, and I generally communicate better with writing than speaking. Each of my posts show him a side of me, which he always says, pleasantly surprise him.

    My best friends love reading my blog, and they are such genuine critics, I cannot let them not read. But relatives, specially inlaws are strict, strict no-nos! Never! That's a scary thought! They'l only read too much between the lines and judge. :-)
  • looks like we all share the same breed of relatives.. they do have a weird tendency of reading in between the lines and conjuring fantastic interpretations, dont they ? :)
  • i compel my mom dad brother friends and everyone to read my blog ;) coz i love hearing critcs from them,,they are always up with honest reviews on my blogpost. so i am pretty comfortable sharing my thoughts with my family.. hmm maybe i am not up with anything which i am not comfy sharing ( hehe)
  • If i have a blog then i will take care on my writing. I do lots of fun on my writing and that doesn't suits me by my relative and friends point of view.. i actually writes the way i want on facebook with some mates!!!!

    i have started reading blogs here in blogadda and i am learning a the exact skill of writing !!
  • I am pretty comfortable with that.
    Infact I would love it if my family and close ones read my blog and my views.
    Its after all what I am about, there's nothing different. :)
  • When I had initially started blogging in 2005 I did not want my family to read my blog. Perhaps because I was too low in life, My angsty teenage hadnt died out by that time. Also I did not want them to know whether I am upset or not through my poetry.
    Over the years I have become more comfortable sharing my thoughts and poetry with them. Also, now that I am married and have my own family the moments I share are not that personal any more. I have my diary to pour those thoughts into.

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