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Should guest blogging be a primary strategy?
  • Should guest blogging be a primary strategy?
    Here is the thing, i have joined a guest blogging community at blogsynergy.com and i have been receiving many invitations to write on other blogs. I wish i could write for all of them, but it is taking time (and topic ideas) from investing in my own blog. I don't want to reject because i don't want to offend. How would you go about balancing?
  • There are quite a few success stories of people becoming popular by guest posting on other *popular* blogs. If the blog you are going to write for is not popular, I would not suggest you to invest a lot of time on writing a guest post there. Having your best content on your own blog is an excellent long-term strategy. But you might want to balance short-term and long-term strategies - It's up to you.

    About receiving guest posts, I am seriously considering taking away the 'Guest posts accepted' page as I get TRASH quality posts as guest posts, mainly targeting links for PR benefits. After I changed my T&C and mentioned that I will give a No-Follow link for guest posts, now I get very few requests. Fortunately!
  • Guest blogging is great if you write content for high pagerank blog.that is affect also on your pagerank because of do-follow links in blog post. :)

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