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Is the social media creating more plagiarists than original thinkers?
  • Sorry for all the typos above! I posted instead of previewing! My bad..
  • @bloggerrajesh What you are talking about is quite true... specially if we consider the breed of tech bloggers in our country. I have discussed this menace in a post and I'm sure you'll love to read this one:
    However, being newsy and uncreative is quite different from being labelled a plagiarist. Such a form of copy-the-news for a blog post is probably just a shabby attempt at increasing your number of posts for the sake of SEO... but then the readers todays aren't daft. They all know what you're up to.
  • @RoshanR You've rightly identified the link between a bankrupt intellect and plagiarism. The tendency to pick up ready made stuff and pass it all off as your own without even giving credit to the original writer is certainly a pathological disturbance if it tags along for too long. People with a serious intent to write must shake off the urge to plagiarize as soon as they are up on their own feet, so to say. Yes, I am defending plagiarism here because I believe that copying a master takes you one step nearer to understanding creativity... but not being able to shake off this tendency is going to transform you into a miserable thief. Calling such a person a 'plagiarist' is probably diluting his crime.
  • Not a reply to any of the comments, but just a point of view:
    If copying my words or passing off a few of my pictures as your own is going to end up making you become a good writer later or a photographer of excellence, I wouldn’t mind at all. Go ahead, borrow phrases and ideas from my blog posts and writings… because I know that if you actually do NOT have it in you, you’ll stop after a few times and just drift away. No plagiarist ever becomes a famous writer… no photo-thief ever becomes a known photographer, if I may say so.
  • Arvind Passey may wish to highlight copyscape and other sites that identify plagiarism. William Shakespeare has been discussed plagiarizing someone else's work. Recently, Fareed Zakaria was accused of plagiarism. Having said that, people tweet news and other items to get paid, especially sponsored tweets, which is fine. Nothing wrong with it. http://www.blogadda.com/blogs/Business_And_The_CEOs-francisadams/
  • The question here is... will tweeting news or other sponsored tweets ultimately rub off some form of creative expression on you? If it does, then the social media is surely creating more creative thinkers than mere plagiarists!
  • Lol... haven't read or heard of any research done on that aspect. Tweeple are anyway considered creative for conveying a message in 140 characters. Tweeting news and sponsored tweets may be a cut and paste job, helping many earn money from it, is surely not creative and is also not plagiarism.
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