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Does Virtual Empowerment give us a right to question all & Sundry?
  • Answer to your last query first; yes, most netizens have been using their virtual power judiciously owing to a) their own moral understanding b) because of restrictions social media sites place on abusive content. It is incorrect to judge people without knowing them or about them. However, writing or posting about public figures such as film personalities or celebrities is okay as long as they aren't vulgar. Making fun or poking fun should also be tolerated if it is a parody, like Bachi Karkaria of Times of India often does in her weekly column on the newspaper's editorial page.
  • Yes, thats the drawback of it all.
    Everything comes with its own positives and negatives - this one is the negative side of it all.
    I totally agree with your views - people do talk about stuff they have no idea.
    The best and the worst that I hate is when people put up philosophical messages as their status without knowing the actual meaning of it at all. I mean c'mon - thats a little too much - how can you teach something you yourself do not follow.
    But what can one do about that? just ignore and move on.
    Another bunch of jokers that i hate are those MLM people - dunno how but they decided that "Other's life sucks and we can make it better" Boss! if that was true - you wudnt come to us rather we would make a queue right outside your office. You need "us" to invest hence "you" come behind us telling "our life sucks" whereas you have no idea how good it is, "your" life sucks as you need "Fools" to come below you in the chain to clear off "your" investments.
    But I have learned to live with all that now :)
    Part of life I would say and as I always say "Life;s like that".
  • This is a dicey topic for sure. There is no censoring out there, it is just your own sense of ethics that controls you. Which is why we have everything from sensible comments to blatant trolling. It is the readers of these comments who have to maintain a sense of moderation.

    But on the whole, I am totally in favor of being able to say what you feel on these forums.
  • Earlier only elite journalists had this right. Now everyone has it. When so many people are involved there will be people with different tendencies and one can't control. If one establishes censor mechanism, the power will go to the hands of the censoring authority and power leads to corruption.
  • Let's check the facts and updates on the matter, leaving all the blah blah comments aside. Virtual empowerment is available to people only in functioning democracies. Now, the Indian government is likely to crack down on social networking/media sites for what it deems objectionable content, the way the PMO asked Twitter to block all fake "Manmohan Singh" accounts except for one that was a parody. In the United States, the men who produced and funded the misguided and highly inflammatory movie on Prophet Mohammed have been detained for other reasons and not for the movie because laws in the U.S. do not prohibit the making of such movies, thanks to freedom of speech and expression. YouTube too turned down a government plea to remove the movie's video from its site. Democracies such as India's are still at the developing and evolving stage similar to the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace Bill 2012 that is likely to be enacted from 2013, more than two decades behind developed countries.
  • Everyone might be able to write, but only a few people read the writings of trolls. People can easily see through the truth/untruth/ignorance behind what is written and they know whom to trust and whom not to.

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