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Is it fine to write a travel post without actually visiting a place?
  • This happens quite often. People write on cities and travel without either having been there OR without having anything worthwhile to talk about. Should this be acceptable?

    But then, someone may argue, people do write on subjects that they know nothing about... for instance, there are film critics who write on films without watching the film or without having a real taste for a particular genre. What I want to ask is how correct is it for bloggers to step out of their niche or specialty zone and write? Should a food blogger be writing on tech issues too? Can a travel photographer be equally sane when writing about fashion and design?
  • Well, blog is an open world where anyone can write whatever they like. Readers decide whether it is worthwhile or not. If somebody is good at compiling information from 4-5 travel websites and giving in a compact way that the reader can get the same information from one site instead of visiting 4-5, it is possibly worth it.
  • If a blog just compiles info and does not give personal experiences, fresh info or unique perspective, it will be treated as a compiler/aggregation service by the reader. On the short run, it might generate some hits from Google. But, how many people will follow such blogs? What is the differentiator that blog is providing over thousand others, in the same domain?

    Traveling to places is the best way to experience a location. Only if you feel the beat of it, you can convey the passion effectively with your readers. I think blogs that act as aggregation services will be seen more as information portals like Wiki, not as blogs with a personality.

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