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What are your take-aways from this Blog world?
  • So...

    · You are adequately computer savvy
    · Internet is no longer a mystery, for you
    · You have many or a few genes or even an iota of a gene of the likes of Shakespeare or Tolstoy…

    And, thus with these basic premise you create your Blog in this World Wide Web!

    Whether you are a few months old or a veteran in the Blogosphere, Blogging is something that is very close to your heart. You take pride in Communicating, Connecting, Commenting in the Blogging community....

    So, what are your take-aways from this Blog world?
    What is that thing that the Blogosphere has given that you cherish the most!?!

    What are your take-aways from this Blog World?
  • Blogging has given me a varied interaction. I get to share views with loads of people some of whom have become really good friends. I enjoy the interaction.
  • The chance to meet so many like-minded people, for starters. Definitely, the freedom to write and be creative, while also having your opinions heard - that's important to me too, frankly.
  • Agree @rachnapa. The most cherished and admirable gain has been friends. The camaraderie in the blogosphere is amazing. Strangers dropping by your blog, adding value to your thoughts and then turning into friends in such a short span of time is simple awesome!
  • Oh yes! Blogging is a wonderful creative vent, @RoshanR! And with so many people who are in sync with your views is a big plus! And also you get to know such diverse thoughts on a subject!
  • For a stay at home Mom like me who lives in a 'small' town without many friends, it's a wonderful way to feel like you're actually socializing!! Also, you have a space where you can talk about things you feel strongly about, and read people's responses to the same. There is something to be said about the whole 'facelessness' of blogging :-)
  • I love the network of friends that I've made through my blog !!! Its because of my blog, I was able to connect with people of my kind of thinking and its been great !!!

    Of course, the added bonus was my own realization that I could write....could write well enough to communicate a thought or idea....and there are people who'll read my writing and like it too !!!
  • Blogging gave me the confidence to write. I was never trained to write so when readers liked what I wrote, it was very heartening. I was able to turn writing in to a profession only because of my blog.
    I agree friends in the blogging world make it a great place to be.
  • I learned that people are the same everywhere. Whether in real world or virtual world. It took 4 years to learn that. Seriously! :)
  • Well said @Fab, the 2 fabulous C's of Blogging... Communicate and Connect with the like minded people are truly big take-aways from Blogging.
  • @umsreflections Oh yes, blogging has helped us forge some wonderful relationships. If I am in Bangalore or in Chennai or in Pune..., I know, who I HAVE to meet in these cities! Blogging has transformed the virtual friends into real-life friends! Truly something we value so much!

    And yes, realizing your potential to express is such a heart warming feeling!

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