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What are your take-aways from this Blog world?
  • @jayksingh99 : Very true... blogging and networking go hand in hand. Sharing your thoughts on your blog which are validated/ value-added in the form of comments from fellow bloggers helps you network with like mined people. Blogging truly, makes you part of a rich and open community.
    Sadly, I have no experience of regional blogs! :|
  • @manjulika : Oh yes!! An appreciate feedback or somebody mirroring our expression, surely makes our day!! Blogging surely adds smiles in our lives. :)
  • I started blogging last year In this one year I have realised that Blogger's world is enchanting. Some thing, which was always within your mind surfaced on the upper layer in no time.It is a very thrilling experience,which provides me an opportunity to spend my time fruitfully.
  • Shilpa,

    For me, one of the most important things blogging has given, is online connections, which have turned into some great friendships.
  • My blogging experience has enabled me to gain Appreciation and Memories which are a take-away for a life-time!!
  • I am taking little from the blogging world. But that little is more for me.
  • I agree with all the positives of blogging. One of the negatives for me, not necessarily for blogger platforms like blogadda or indiblogger, has been the need for SEO. Everyone believes in the mantra of delivering a post a week and there is much to-ing and fro-ing between blogs to respond to other posts with the pure intention of having the writers of those posts respond to ours. Yet, if we pause to think, who remembers what you've written last week unless it was genuinely interesting or had an original angle? Much of what we write isn't original but if we wrote something we felt strongly about or something that was truly amusing or entertaining, I am sure it would have value. This, to my mind, could be once a week, once a month or once every quarter. It would be worthwhile, it wouldn't be mindless and we wouldn't be cluttering cyberspace with rubbish.
  • Blogging gave me the confidence to write. I was never trained to write so when readers liked what I wrote, it was very heartening. I was able to turn writing in to a profession only because of my blog.

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